July 2011

Man Builds Real Turbine Powered Batmobile

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZSBpFMWk-M&w=640&h=510]

Casey Putsch of Putsch Racing has achieved the dream of every child who owned a Batman peddle-car by constructing a full size, working version of the Tim Burton Batmobile. This is no fancy body kit over a regular engine however, but rather a fancy body kit over a military spec Boeing turboshaft engine. The car runs on jet fuel, has the power to weight ratio of a Dodge viper and is road legal! 

Sadly it’s a one of a kind though, so don’t start altering your Christmas list just yet.


Dan and Steve Interviewed by Liberation Frequency

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLI6WJ9ah2Y&w=560&h=349]

We did a fair few interviews at the London Film & Comic Con but since this is the first video interview we’ve done I thought it was worth a quick share. In case you’re worried, no that’s not me in the Black Cat costume (though I would dearly like one) rather our interview can be found be found at around the 4:50 mark.

Considering that we were half dead from exhaustion by that point in the show, I think we just about managed to not seem like total idiots. Small victories.

LF should be posting a review of Moon #1 fairly soon, so I’ll throw up a link when it goes live.


(for more interviews check out the wonderful Liberation Frequency site HERE.)

Ninja Baby!

Hit 27,677,955 times this is a global sensation. If you haven’t seen it for Yoda in a Baby Grow. Weird looking kid at the best of times. No, Ninja Baby, I take it back!! NOOOOOO!! Fresh from the Creche.

Dropping Science: A Tribute to The Shuttle Program

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLmxPXV3kLk&w=560&h=349]


There was only ever one video that I was going to post up for this week’s DS.  Next Wednesday the Space Shuttle Atlantis will return from its 12 day mission and in so doing, mark the end of the shuttle program. The craft that has become such a global icon of innovation and progress will slip graciously into the history books, never to fly again.

As somebody who has lived his whole life in the shadow of the shuttle’s latter days – be they both triumphant and tragic, seeing the whole thing come to an end instils mixed emotions. Sadness at seeing something that has been so prevalent in my upbringing going away, but excitement over what comes next.

Whatever your feelings on the shuttle it is undeniable that it has played a huge role in the evolution of space travel. We should never forget the politicians that  fought for it, the engineers that built it and most importantly the men and women who risked (and in some cases gave) their lives in the pursuit of the final frontier.

Godspeed Atlantis.


( The rather excellent video is by  please do check out the rest of their fine work)

London Film and Comic Con in pictures (Pt 3)

Just to round it all off a coupla highlights for me at LFCC. Ran into a guy dressed as the original Bishop from the 90’s (turned out he actually was inspired by the animated series), Kenny Baker going old school, a rare Alien / Marine chat and I can’t remember what the other one was. But there it is. LFCC in pictures….. Let us know what you thunk.

The Extraordinary Tales of Monsieur Poppaleux #20 – DIY

In 1993, famous Belgian author and spring onion connoisseur, Dr Jean-François Bacharach created a series of books for children. The aim of the project was to use state of the art digital technology to educate and inform on a wide range of topics from maths and theology to poetry and tennis. Using pioneering clip-art techniques, he produced a staggering portfolio of work that continues to be widely distributed in schools across the world and Belgium. Sadly DrBacharach himself was eventually imprisoned due to his being ahead of his time and because he killed a quite staggering number of cats. However his work lives on here at the Bunker! We have secured the entirety of Dr Bacharach’s monumental work and now present it to you. C’est formidable!

BTB celebrates 25,040 hits!!

Myself and Dan were very specific a short while ago that 25,040 hits specifically was an important milestone in the history of Beyond the Bunker (not 25,000). After 10 short months we have steadily built up to the magic number from 18 hits in September 2011 to 4,724 in March. We’ve still got a lot to do and some of the stuff responsible for BTB’s reaching of 25,040 hits is linked down below. Moon 2, FH 2 and Unseen Shadows have seen new creatives join and cooperate with the Bunker and 2012 promises to be an interesting time for us – with old projects coming to an end and new ones already being planned. We hope you enjoy the upcoming stuff. Thanks from both myself and Dan for checking in on us.

Toy War with Awesome Special Effects!!

In case you missed it, YouTuber Shay Carl and his son made what is very likely the most epic toy-soldier-based war flick ever. The sound and visual effects are just awesome, more than anything I’ve seen before, and give you the feeling of watching imagination manifested through technology. And also lots of stuff exploding, which is a huge plus. Check it out and then spend five minutes wishing that was possible when you were a kid.

Steve Penfold is going for Trailwalker 100km Challenge tomorrow


I don’t care that Beyond the Bunker isn’t built for charity drives – this is just one final plug up before we hit the trail tomorrow. Trailwalker is 100km through the really rather lovely South Downs (from Petersfield to Brighton). It has to be achieved within 30 hours.

A team, including myself, will be having a crack at it tomorrow (and Sunday morning – and potentially Monday through to Wednesday). Its in aid of the Oxfam Gurkha Welfare Trust and we intend to kick it’s ass.

It is in aid of the Oxfam Gurkha Welfare Charity. If you would like to sponsor us please click on the link below and pledge up!!



Bat, Cat and back: Dark Knight Rises (Fake) Trailer Unleashed


Here it is. The Dark Knight Trailer for the new movie from the Christopher Nolan franchise. The Stanley Kubrick of blockbusters, Nolan has clearly pieced together a more coherent set of plot threads than previous Directors (Batman and Robin anyone) however this is a step up again from the Two Face / Joker combo of Dark Knight Returns. Catwoman, Bane and I suspect Robin Williams as Hugo Strange is blended in with the renegade storyline from the previous film and any personal plot line to throw in. However Selina Kyle makes up the love interest in this case and it looks like messrs Fox and Pennyworth (Freeman and Caine) are in their holding positions on this one. Nice to see the Scarecrow still representing a through line for the films. C’mon Nolan – this looks good….

…. or is it?

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