October 2011

Jonathan Ross To Write Foreword for Tales of The Fallen!

If you’ve been following twitter or the Unseen Shadows website you’ll have seen this announced last night but for the benefit of our loyal Bunkerites I’m thrilled to announce that TV’s Jonathan Ross will be writing the foreword to our upcoming book Tales of the Fallen. Jonathan was approached by Unseen Shadows mastermind, Barry Nugent, a few weeks ago but his involvement in the project has been top secret (I only found out last night) right up until the official announcement.

To say we’re excited about this is to understate the fact somewhat. Having somebody of Jonathan’s profile (not to mention somebody who is something of an accomplished comics writer himself) on board is a huge boost to an already thunderous project. If I was excited about Tales of the Fallen hitting the stands before, now I’m practically doing backflips. Here’s a short cutting from the foreword:

If, like me, you like rip-roaring testosterone fuelled pulp fiction. With soldiers, and mysteries, and all round weird stuff in, then this is the book for you.”

If you want to read the rest then you can do so by pre-ordering Tales of the Fallen at the special price of just £8.50 and with a free digital version thrown in!


The Extraordinary Tales of Monsieur Poppaleux #29 – Pine Comes Before a Fall

In 1993, famous Belgian author and spring onion connoisseur, Dr Jean-François Bacharach created a series of books for children. The aim of the project was to use state of the art digital technology to educate and inform on a wide range of topics from maths and theology to poetry and tennis. Using pioneering clip-art techniques, he produced a staggering portfolio of work that continues to be widely distributed in schools across the world and Belgium. Sadly DrBacharach himself was eventually imprisoned due to his being ahead of his time and because he killed a quite staggering number of cats. However his work lives on here at the Bunker! We have secured the entirety of Dr Bacharach’s monumental work and now present it to you. C’est formidable!

Alternate Tintin Credit Sequence Is Wonderful

To say that I’m excited about the upcoming Tintin movie is about as gross an understatement as you can get. As much as we love Tintin here at the bunker we also love fan made credit sequences (remember this one for X-Men:First Class?)

This time it’s the turn of the very talented James Curran, who has created an ingenious title sequence that not only incorporates elements of all 24 Titin books but also features the fantastic theme tune from the old animated show. Readers of a certain age, prepare to feel your heart jump a bit when you hear those opening horns.

Well there’s a statement I wasn’t expecting to make today.


Pre-Order Tales of the Fallen NOW!

Dan and Steve’s new book is out next month! “Unseen Shadows: Tales of the Fallen” contains FOUR original comics including “Band of Butchers” by Dan Thompson & Rob Carey and “Wrath of God”  by Cy Dethan & Steve Penfold!

They are murderers, martyrs and mercenaries in the no-man’s-land between adventure and crusade – soldiers of fate and fierce honour, bound together in mystery, darkness and blood. Their enemies are shadows haunting the outermost borders of a darkening world, and as night approaches the shadows grow long.

They are the Fallen, and these are their stories.

The book is released on 19th November but pre-order NOW and you will get a free digital version of the book as well as £4.49 off the cover price!

Click here to pre-order Tales of the Fallen and enter the world of the Unseen Shadows!

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Thor’s Hammer – A Marvel Short

The upcoming Blu Ray edition of Captain America will apparently contain another “Marvel One Shot” short film, designed to help bridge the gaps between some of the movies. They did it before with their Hulk/Iron Man crossover “The Consultant” and now they’ve produced a short linking Iron Man 2 with Thor. The best part of the One Shots? They showcase the real star of the Avengers franchise, Agent Phil Coulson!

Marvel won’t allow the video to be embedded but if you care to take a look for yourselves you can find it HERE!


Captain Kirk versus Bane with a CIA arms budget!! THIS IS WAR Trailer.

This little beauty was No.2 most viewed trailer on Imdb between Avengers and the Muppets so highbrow rests in a bucket for another day!! Hooray!!

Tom Hardy takes the money with this little number and Chris Pine comes in out of the icy cold of space to throw in with this girlfriend safe gun game of a movie. It’s a romantic comedy for boys!! Two partners and top agents of the CIA kick ass on a daily basis together until they discover they’re going out with the same girl (Reese Witherspoon). Que zany shooting out of the sky of multi million dollar spy planes (federal offence), fast cars and kooky smashing up of nice looking restaurants. Drag factor of McG aside this is at least a film with Bane and Captain Kirk beating up on each other and your girlfriend might agree to see it. Who knows.

Tales of the Fallen: Fragments of Fate Preview

As many of you know, Steve and I have a couple of new books coming out in November. “Tales of the Fallen” is a set of four one-shot comics based on the Unseen Shadows series of books by Barry Nugent.  To celebrate the upcoming release of the comics, we’re going to be previewing one of them each week in October. If you want to be one of the only people in the world to pick up signed copies of Tales of the Fallen you’ll need to buy a ticket to theThought Bubble convention in Leeds so you can be there for the grand launch. Enjoy the previews:

Fragments of Fate

Pete Rogers (Writer), Roy Huteson Stewart (Artist), Paul Mclaren (Lettering)

Mythical artifacts tied to an ancient legend.  A demonic cult obsessed with determining destiny. Professor Napoleon Stone’s latest research project is about to take him on a dark and perilous journey into the unknown.  Beaten, broken, terrorised and tortured.   It’s time to discover what’s worse, being haunted by your past?  Or being tormented by your future?

For more information check out Unseen Shadows on the WEB, on FACEBOOK and on TWITTER


Joe Quesada’s Building The Cover – Avenging Spider-man #1

Those of you who follow Marvel Chief Creative Officer, Joe Quesada on twitter may have seen his occasional “Building The Cover” sessions in which he explains the entire process of creating his astounding cover images. He posted a special one from New York Comic Con last night and I thought that it was interesting enough to share here. Just so we’re clear, this is not our work or associated with us in any way. The intention here is simply to compile together Joe’s tweets on the subject for easy reading. Enjoy.

“First step was to work up a few thumbnails. Here’s a thumbnail template I made just for such an occasion”
“These initial thumbnails were drawn in Sketchbook Pro. The absolute best pencil sketching program on the market”
“I was immediately partial to the center image, but decided to make life difficult and make it a wraparound cover…Once again, in Sketchbook, I used their mirror function in order to get a nice symmetrical framework”

“Not crazy with Spidey’s head, too stylized and he looks hunchbacked. also started toying with possible background”

“Still in mirror mode and trying a different positioning for his arms and hands. Also expanding the web idea.”

“Since Hulk and Wolvie are in the issue I decided to alter the arms again and to make room for cameos. I also decided to drop the web motif…So lets try a gargoyle while we’re at it”

“Not killing me, so perhaps a more passive Hulk and Wolvie and a smaller gargoyle”

“For those wondering, I’m drawing all of this digitally on my Cintiq using their stock pen tip and working in Sketchbook Pro at the moment…I switched over to Manga Studio EX 4 and start to lay in a perspective grid for possible buildings”

“In the middle of working on this cover I see Joe Mad’s AMAZING cover for the book, he has Hulk and Wolvie on it so I abandon the idea…No longer in mirror mode, I now start to rework Spidey’s arms and hands so that they’re different and have a much more naturalistic feel…And also back in Sketchbook, notice the digital pencils are getting tighter”

“It’s at this point that I regain my senses and wonder if I’m working to hard, maybe a single cover will do”

“Okay, who I kidding, I’m a masochist, lets go back to wraparound. I bounce now to Photoshop and start building the figure in black line…Here’s the beginning of that”

“Also, I’ve abandoned the gargoyle idea altogether, I think it’s going to be webbing and noir cityscape…Next is a light study, the idea being that Spidey is lit from the city streets underneath him”

“Now for a much tighter drawing, we’re getting close”

“A real rough pass at the kind of feel and weight I want the webbing to have”

“Time to block out the webbing for real now. Keep in mind, this is for placement only, sans all detail”

“Okay, I’ve got webbing, figure, lighting and city perspective done. Now I print this out at actual page size, light box and start penciling…here’s the final pencils as Danny Miki received them”

“For those unfamiliar with this kind of stuff, the X’s on the board indicate to the inker that that area needs to be a solid black…I rarely use x’s, but this cover had so much black and shadows that it would have been a gray mess if i had actually filled that stuff in…And, this afternoon I just got the final inks from the brilliant Danny Miki TAA-DAA!”

Fascinating stuff. If you want more stuff like this then be sure to follow Joe on Twitter.


Dropping Science: Sh!t That Siri Says

As you probably noticed from the queues outside Apple shops this week, the iPhone 4S launched a few days ago and with it came Apple’s voice controlled personal assistant, Siri. The idea behind Siri is that you can ask your iPhone any question you want and your digital PA will present you with the answer. Apple’s been working hard to impress on everyone just how good to voice recognition on the app is however what they’ve neglected to mention is that Siri also appears to have a hell of a sense of humour.

As is the way of the internet, there’s already a blog devoted to Sh!t That Siri Says and so this week we’re devoting Dropping Science to a selection of the best examples. Enjoy!


We are living in the future.


Band of Butchers Artist Nominated for ICN Award!

It’s with great delight that I’m able to report that Band of Butchers artist Rob Carey has been nominated for Best Mainstream Published Artist in the 2011 ICN awards! ICN honours creators and comics of Irish origin and is a hell of an accolade  to be nominated for.

Deus Ex by Rob Carey with colours by Alwyn Talbot

Having worked with Rob on Band of Butchers I can honestly say that it’s an honour thoroughly well deserved. People throw the term “one to watch” around far too much but in all honesty if there is any justice in the world then you will be seeing a LOT of Rob Carey in the future. He’s a joy to work with as an artist and his work is a joy to behold for a reader. You just have to take a look at some of his work here in this post to see what I mean.

Cover for Band of Butchers

It’s not an easy fight though. Rob’s in a category that includes the likes of Nick Roche & Alan Nolan and so we at the Bunker are asking (nay demanding/begging depending on your reaction to such things) that you head to the VOTING PAGE and vote for Rob Carey to walk away with the title! If nothing else, it’ll add a few quid to the value of that signed Band of Butchers comic you’re planning on picking up at Thought Bubble.

Interiors from Band of Butchers. Art by Rob, Colours by Vicky Stonebridge.

Best of luck Rob. The Bunker’s behind you 100%.


Vote now!


For more info on the ICN awards click HERE
For more info on Band of Butchers click HERE
For more of Rob’s work here at BTB click HERE 



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