November 2011

Skyrim Rap

As if we helpless Elder Scrolls fans need any more reason to be hyped up for the Friday’s release of Skyrim, gamer and musician  Dan Bull has produced this somewhat epic rap tribute to the game.

You can download a copy of the song for free by going HERE!






Fallen Heroes 2 Ready to Go!

Fallen Heroes 2 has been completed is currently going to print. The hope is that it will be resting alongside the larger Unseen Shadows graphic novel at Thoughtbubble but we cannot confirm that at this stage as the book is so close to the date in question. We have no doubt that Stu at Ukomics is doing everything he can to make sure visitors at Leeds get to have a look at the new edition.

Featuring Ben ‘The Hand’ Ashodi and Stephanie Connisbee from the previous issue (and the Tales of the Fallen Graphic novel) as well as introducing some pivotal characters and developments to the FH canon, it’s been put together by Barry Nugent (writer of the original novel and general demagogue), Martin Conaghan (writer and calm voice of reason), Steve Penfold (me, on pencils and inks), Gat Melvyn (colours, seamlessly professional) and Paul Mclaren (lettering and diligent communicator).

Lost Jedi: Darth Sidious

Darth Sidious, of course perfectly embodied by Ian McDiarmid in the feature films was for us played by Marcus Sinclair. A singular individual its hard to imagine anybody who embodied more perfectly all that Sidious was. His impression of him was incredible. Sinclair appeared in front of a review board of Lucasarts representatives to confirm that he could play the part and it was in no way a sure thing. There was deep concern from Lucasarts that no recognisable characters be represented live to an audience out of fear that it would undermine the event. The only exceptions were, of course Vader and the Storm Troopers. Sinclair’s performance was certainly impressive enough to get them on board and we had our evil emperor. The only real problem was that he rarely dropped out of character. Nefarious, calculating and naughty to the last, Sinclair became a genuine thorn in the side of any actor dressed as a Jedi. Utilising the mighty Vader (Daniel Vivien) throughout his reign of terror, all the actors could do when faced with him was fall before him. I took a pummelling on day one frankly. Occassionally, with the aid of force pushes from the assembled public he would be defeated but even then he rarely gave up. Marcus Sinclair, we salute you, you really are an evil little sith!! 😉

Real Life Paedophile Apprehended by…Batman??

When an online sex pest attempts to lure an under age girl to a remote playground, there’s probably a few things that they’re afraid might happen. Perhaps the police might show up, perhaps it’ll turn out to be another paedophile and they’ve been grooming each other, perhaps some long lost sense of morality will sneak up and wreck the whole abhorrent thing. What they probably don’t consider is the possibility that Batman might appear from the shadows with a camera crew and chase them away. In this sting operation (which is as bizarre as it is funny), that’s exactly what the Dark Knight does.

So next time you see Batman tapping away on the Batcomputer remember that he’s not looking for clues, he’s posing as a 15 year old girl on a chatroom that doesn’t deserve him, but does need him.



(Thanks to Rob Carey for finding this)

Moon Goes Walkabout at The Excel Centre!

Turns out that we weren’t the only people from the Bunker to be out exploring the MCM Expo last week. In a surprise turn of events we’ve discovered photos proving that Moon himself was also out on patrol! Over the course of the day he changed outfits (as well as heights, weights and genders) several times but never once did he stop protecting the good people of London from the terrors of the unknown!

Moon's rocks a more feminine look than usual

His name is Moon and you are ok by him!

Moon auditions for a place in the Justice League

Just happy to be there

Moon indulges in his favourite past time of recreating famous classical paintings

Blue Moon


Thanks to everyone who agreed to pose for us at MCM. Moon will make a welcome return to the convention scene sometime in the future.


Dropping Science: How Much Does The Internet Weigh?



The internet is big, really big. It contains everything from movies and music, to politics and thinly veiled Douglas Adams references, but how much does it weigh? Seems like a stupid question but since digital data is basically comprised of electrons and electrons have a mass, it’s actually possible to calculate.

In this video Vsauce Michael tots up the figures and explains to us just how big the internet’s waistline is. It’s smaller than you think.


Man Plays Radiohead on a Lettuce



We’ve all been there. You’re at home, you’ve got nothing to amuse you except one of those old punch card organs and a craptonne of lettuce, what do you do? Well obviously you punch a load of holes in the lettuce and run it though the organ so that it plays Paranoid Android. Then you film it and put it on youtube.

Honestly, between the creaky handle and the everything else of this video, I’ll be having nightmares for weeks.


The Extraordinary Tales of Monsieur Poppaleux #30 – Those Who Grew Up Tall And Proud

In 1993, famous Belgian author and spring onion connoisseur, Dr Jean-François Bacharach created a series of books for children. The aim of the project was to use state of the art digital technology to educate and inform on a wide range of topics from maths and theology to poetry and tennis. Using pioneering clip-art techniques, he produced a staggering portfolio of work that continues to be widely distributed in schools across the world and Belgium. Sadly DrBacharach himself was eventually imprisoned due to his being ahead of his time and because he killed a quite staggering number of cats. However his work lives on here at the Bunker! We have secured the entirety of Dr Bacharach’s monumental work and now present it to you. C’est formidable!

George Lucas Strikes Back

Many questions have been asked as to why a man with everything going his way and the greatest franchise in movie history would resort to making Howard the Duck. There is only one answer possible. The real George Lucas was taken from the streets and incarcerated for 20 years while the industry pumped out the prequels in his name. Now Lucas is pissed and has Princess Leia, Short Round and Chewie to back him up.

Darth Maul never stood a fucking chance. But incarceration was never the answer. Lucas has to be shown how it could’ve been done. By none other than William Shatner!!

58 Team Wins Big At 2 Days Later

Those of you who’ve followed us for a long while will know that we’re big fans of the 2 Days Later Horror competition and so it’s lovely to be able to report that a collective of good friends of ours have stormed this year’s competition, walking away with 8 nominations and 3 awards! The Rozie Owen helmed Zombie film “58” scored wins in the Best Actress and Best SFX categories before bagging the main event prize of Best Film, it’s a powerhouse of a performance that’s not been seen since…well the last time the guys entered a film.

The movie’s not on vimeo just yet but you can watch on the 2DL site by clicking HERE. I’ll throw up an embedded version here on the site as soon as it’s out.

Congratulations to Rozie, Ben, Paul, Al, Alan, Joe and everyone else who worked on the project.



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