May 2012

Moon's Song of the Week: No Diggity by Chet Faker


I actually scheduled this back on Monday as I’m in Barcelona right now watching F1 cars drive in elaborate circles. With that in mind I apologise if anything radically meaningful has been release music wise that I’ve missed in the last few days.

That said, there can’t be many new tracks that are as worth posting as this gem from Australian Electo artist, Chet Faker. A cover of Dr Dre & Blackstreet’s 1996 hit, No Diggity, that somehow manages to not disappoint. Chet’s voice is soulful and the backing track, haunting. It’s a perfect combination and the best bit is that you can download it for free from HERE.


OMEN 1.5 inks for OVERLOAD

Little while ago Martin Conaghan, writer of Burke and Hare (graphic novel) and Fallen Heroes – on which work on Issue 3 is about to begin – asked if I’d help him out. His colleague Geoffrey D, Wessell had a short story involving a monster designed by Jacen Burrows no less to be released in the new OVERLOAD.

I know nothing about OVERLOAD – except that it’s an anthology publication (Indy) and this is the first issue so there’s an element of blind faith involved here.

However the script itself is a bit marvellous and a bona fide dream for an artist. Never get the chance to draw the whole world!!

Darth Vader in Love

Darth Vader you fool! Anakin Skywalker hasn’t had the poontang for some time it would appear. Peter Serafinowicz has given us some insight into the life of Darth Vader, clearly torn between the fact that he is finally feeling human thoughts and the fact that he has a johnson like a screwdriver.


Judge Dredd – The Bod TV Special

To those who don’t know Bod was an very simply animated fellow who appeared on Children’s TV in the 70s and Judge Dredd is a relentless force of unremitting and unforgiving Law and Order on the streets of the post-apocalyptic Megacity One. Uploaded by Happy Toaster on Youtube he claims he knocked it together in a day. This begs so many questions it boggles the brain. How did he get John LeMesurier – who died in 1983 – to say ‘That’s the law of things, isn’t it Dredd.’ I… I…

His other suggestion, that it was found on a VHS tape marked ‘Zarjazz’ begs even more questions in the opposite direction. If anyone knows the answer to these questions let me know.

Also, if there are any disillusioned would-be directors out there this’ll cheer you up. David Yates, the director who brought the Harry Potter movies to a close after 4 films, directed an episode of Bod named Bod and the Apple about an Apple thrown in the air that won’t come back down while people wait for it (for 4:58 seconds). So never assume you’re only as good as your last piece of work…

Frank, Aunt Flo and Bod discuss the Apple that won’t come back down.

Moon 2: Page 17 inks

We’re not showing you much of Moon 2 we admit – it’s a precarious balance between giving you all something to look forward to and giving away the plot – but there are great movements in the life of Moon – more perhaps than you’d expect. Enough, even to put him off of Coke Floats.

Will he be afraid of Coca Cola and Ice Cream? Will the events of Moon 2 change everything about the life of our hero? Yes, yes is the answer. Everything you know about Moon is open target in the rip-roaring new Moon book. Crazy Shennanigans!!

Who are the Agency? What happens to Ray? Why is Shades Rodriguez rowing with that woman? Where is Agent Seven? Who sent the Bingo Moles into battle? Who shot Councillor Hugh Griffiths? All this and more in the upcoming edition of Moon!

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s most astounding fact adapted as a comic

We’ve already seen a video interpretation of physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson’s most astounding fact about the universe in Dan’s weekly Dropping Science post. Cartoonist Gavin Aung Than offers his graphic version of the famous quote, illustrating it in a single, beautiful webcomic.

Than’s comic is below, you can see the whole thing and others at his webcomic Zen Pencils. In Zen Pencils, Than takes various inspirational quotes and illustrates comics around them. This one, inspired in part by the film The Tree of Life has a similar tone to the video version of the quote we’ve seen before. But many of Than interpretations are less expected. He uses the Bene Gesserit “Litany Against Fear” from Frank Herbert’s Dune as the text for a story about escaping an abusive relationship. He also does charming turns with quotes from Ayn Rand, Carl Sagan, and Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

Claim the High Ground If You Like but Expendables 2 Looks Like Good Ol' '80s Awesome!!

It doesn’t matter that they steal a joke from The Losers right at the beginning of the trailer! It doesn’t matter that the three biggest names in the movie should be taking pension cheques! All that matters is that the Expendables are back and they are carrying massive weaponry and only encouraged by Expendables 1. I love intelligent movies, I’ll sit and watch Thank you for Smoking and Sideways ’til the cows go 3D – but bottom line, I grew up in the Eighties and Nineties and I think there’s room for indiscriminate gunfire and unnecessarily large explosions on the cinema screen. The fact that it pitches Chuck Norris and Jean Claude Van Damme against each other only sweetens the dopey deal.

The sight of Arnie and Brucie driving around in a Smartcar with an automatic machine gun only sweetens it further. I’m not saying it’ll be my favourite movie of 2012 but by god it fulfills a very deep desire to see things explode a lot. There’s not enough bloody minded carthasis on cinema screens. How are schoolboys going to grow up wanting to off every mutha… in the room if we don’t give them this? I don’t need to justify it to you. Just watch the trailer.

Expendables 3: The Rock and Vin Diesel maybe?

Amazing Spider-man Trailer 2: Peter Parker Revealed as wise cracking as the real thing (also some Lizard)

There is a little retiscence in getting overly excited about the New Amazing Spider-man movie in me until now. The last thing anyone needs is another creation movie (everyone knows it; it’s the lore of the street now like Superman getting it on with Lois Lane and Batman’s an orphan; Peter Parker got bitten by a radioactive Spider). However, whatever initial fear was developed in the previous trailers and teasers, Andrew Garfield as Spider-man being one of them – this trailer begins to torch them.

Tobey Macguire was a great Spider-man but couldn’t knock out a Spider-quip in the way that Andrew Garfield clearly can. Oddly, it was almost an aspect of the wall-crawler many had forgotten following the first three movies. Spider-man is a wise-ass. To deal with the fear and insecurities, Parker always through out quirky one liners (something that has made other Marvel characters – notably fellow Avenger Wolverine – want to kill him).

But it was that detail that perhaps we missed in the Sam Raimi trilogy (excellent though the first two were). When the mask went on, it was only Spider-man.

If this trailer’s anything to go by we’ll be seeing Parker under the suit during the massively expensive fight scenes.

‘Aaah, you’ve found my weakness – really small knives!!’


Dark Knight Rises: Trailer 3

Hold on to your Batarangs Bat-fans as the slow climb to the top is almost over before the inevitable thrill-drop ride of Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan’s bone crunching, pseudo-realistic, city street demolishing Batman trilogy. From the looks of it this will be the biggest so far, the scale visibly going well beyond that of the previous two as Bane kick drops Brucey out of Gotham City and it would appear tries his own revolution on the streets of Gotham. Exactly what the US Army would have to say about that is left decidedly out but it looks like Batman might just return to save the day.

Based on the Broken Bat series of the early 90s that introduced Bane it suggests a fight back from absolute defeat at the hands of Bane (something they’ve made no attempt to keep secret in the trailer) but there are plenty of questions left unanswered. Like how Catwoman influences things, how Commissioner Gordon will help and where he stands on the hunt for the Batman following the death of Harvey Dent in the last film and how Joseph Gordon-Levitt managed to work his way into this film as well.

There is the issue of how it will all end. Comic book characters have proven increasingly resilient to rebirths. There has been absolutely no ambiguity over whether this is the last of the trilogy and history decrees it’d be 10 years before a reboot (by which time the fans’ll be crying out for it anyway) – so there is, I think, a very real possibility that the Dark Knight will fall in the Dark Knight Rises. The themes apparent in the trailer would suggest that figureheads and leadership are clear here – could Batman be more influential dead?

I feel a new BTB Investigates coming on….


I’m gonna skip Dropping Science today in favour of remembering Beastie Boy Adam Yauch aka MCA, who passed away yesterday. I talk a lot about music that inspires the work we do here but the Beasties are about as central to our comic as any band. Back when Paul Wade and I were writing the original Moon sketch back in 2008 we watched Sabotage on a loop and the original brief for the short was basically “Let’s do that with a guy with a Moon head”. Obviously we weren’t the only ones. Sabotage is pretty much the perfect cop parody and has been riffed on so many times by so many people that it’s kind of amazing.

The comic has moved on from its simple cop parody roots and the feel is quite different now but without the Beastie Boys it’s unlikely that we would have ever hit upon the idea in the first place. Add to that the staggering debt that modern music owes to the band and you have a very special artist.

Adam, thanks for the music, the inspiration and the SABOTAGE!



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