June 2012

IT Crowd's Graham Linehan Appears in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

The third chapter of Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century comes out this week and preview images from it have been appearing online all over the place. We don’t know too much about the details of the plot but we do know that the book will feature one of the best cameos in recent comic history in the shape of IT Crowd/Father Ted creator, Graham Linehan.

If you’re hoping to see Linehan teaming up with the League to fight evil then you’re out of luck, but you will get to see what he looks like being thrown out of London comic book shop GOSH.

Bit of a non-story but it made me laugh and it’s the kind of gag that reminds me why I love Alan Moore.

League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen 2009 is out now.


The Thoughtful Guy Rap

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6y7YOlldek&w=853&h=480]


Much like we here at the Bunker, Youtubers Rhett & Link are both thoughtful guys. In fact, they like to think about the mysteries of the universe so much that they mad a rap video about it.

If you like your musical comedy with a Flight of the Conchords feel then you’ll probably dig this.


2 Year Old Abandons Parents, Sibling to be Devoured by T.Rex

You’re in your favourite coat and a nice hat and it’s a lovely day. Nothing can break your stride on a day like this. Later on you’ll be sitting in your living room, all warm and snug with Mum and Dad and the little brother/sister. Hooray!! I love my Mum and Dad.. But what is this?


I would not want to be with that child if a real disaster occured. No good yellow belly. You judge for yourself.

Every Death in New Doctor Who (Series 1-4)

A friend of mine is currently fronting a kid’s show on Cbeebies called Andy’s Wild Adventures where he and a cat visit far off regions of the world and interface from stolen footage from Planet Earth and Blue Planet. It’s really very good – particularly if you have a child you want to entertain and you should take a look. Much like Andy’s Wild Adventures, Doctor Who is a kid’s programme. Unlike Andy’s Wild Adventures Simon Pegg is obliterated, Big Brother Contestants are disintegrated and exposed to deep space, cats fall great distances, the secretary for Defence gets skinned, Werewolves are attacked by Ninjas, innocent people are possessed and / or absorbed and subsequently killed, Shakespearean actors heamorrage, scarecrows get gunned down, 60 Million people are slaughtered, Kylie Minogue commits suicide, a fish man tragically drowns in mud, surburbanites are burned alive, Davros explodes, Victorian gravediggers are electrocuted and a bus flies.

Nobody is killed by the flying bus. But I do remember there were people shooting at it. And I wonder sometimes while people watch Doctor Who….

First Ever Non Con Fan Moon Art by Conor Boyle!!

Conor Boyle (Pencil_monkey) posted up this beautiful portrait of our hero, Moon the other day. It’s magnificent and disturbingly prescient of a scene in Moon 2. He’s even got the same gun as he has in the book. This isn’t surprising as Conor is a great artist and we’d advise you take a look at his work on yfrog.com. So this is the first piece of Moon artwork completed outside of a convention. We’d like to think this’ll inspire others to do the same because we love to see it. If anyone fancies doing a sketch of Moon we’ll post up and plug you up!!

Hope this is the first of more. Thanks to Conor Boyle.

The Other Men in Black

Star Trek 2 (Fan Made Trailer)

The Star Trek franchise continues with this follow-up to 2009’s reboot. J.J. Abrams returns to direct from a script by Damon Lindelof, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. The cast and crew of the Enterprise come back for a second tour of duty along with acclaimed actor Benedict Cumberbatch making his Trek debut as their most daunting threat yet.

While fans eagerly await any and every piece of content concerning J.J.’s frontier, the guys at MOVIECLIPS took it upon themselves to get their hands dirty in the excitement with this fan-made teaser trailer. They and we’ll be right on deck ready to bring you the official trailer when it debuts, until then, hope you enjoy!

Movieclips have made no secret that they think Cumberbatch is Khan – without a doubt the greatest nemesis of James T Kirk. Clearly taking a more cerebral route on this one (unsurprising for Abrams) if that turns out to be the case it is creating some theories online as to exactly what type of threat Cumberbatch will represent. Khan is very likely as Abrams is happily working back up through the original history (with some detours and re-envisioning).

Never mind what the plot is ; we here at BTB love a bit of the new Trek and will be posting up any new Trek news as and when.

Spider-man TV Spots: The Picks!!


And so it begins!! More Lizard, more swinging about!! Avengers had a rip roaring success with their TV Spots – though the suspicion is that it was successful because everyone wanted to go and see the Avengers. Never-the-less, in the competitive world of the movies, expect to see TV Spots all over the shop. Excluding the Dark Knight which knows how to run a media campaign. With that in mind however the TV Spots do give us some insight into what is about to hit us in the face.

Little moment of Gwen Stacy time. (Spoiler Alert to non-comic book readers) This is a slightly disconcerting character idea but never the less, everyone’s favourite ex-President Martin Sheen is good ol’ Uncle Ben just waiting to get blown away in the background and Pete’s parents are making an appearance so clearly one of them might make it (unlikely). Hard to believe that the trilogy of films will literally be the steady decimation of every side character in Spider-man’s world. Where’s Harry and MJ for christ’s sake? I know one goes nuts and the other one gets deleted by a continuity minded master of the Netherworlds but still – it’d be nice to see someone make it through a little further. Poor Ol’ Pete.

Still, maybe the Lizard’ll make it… Why have I never noticed how many people get wiped out when associated withePeter Parker. He’s like the Jessica Fletcher of comic books.

Dropping Science: We Stopped Dreaming

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFO2usVjfQc&w=853&h=480]


Physicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson returns with another stirring piece of rhetoric about the importance of scientific research. In this video, Neil looks at the global initiatives that occurred in the wake of the 1969 Moon landings and argues that it is the unique vision of a planet without borders that drives us forwards.

Inspiring stuff.



Moon's Song of the Week – Hip Hop Anarchy by Max Tannone, Dead Prez, The Sex Pistols

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-QB57Fg-9M&w=853&h=480]


Remix artist, Max Tannone released a new free album earlier this week so this week’s song is an easy choice. The Mic Check 1234 project fuses socially concious hip hop lyrics with classic punk rock and as a result you’re probably gonna either love it or consider it to be the death knell of music. I’m firmly in the former catagory and have had the album on repeat pretty much since it dropped.

I’m 50/50 on whether I like this track or the Tupac/X track the best, but given our rather broad readership I’ve gone for the moderately less sweary track.

As with all of Max’s work, you can stream or download the entire album for free by going to his official site.


Shadow – A Short Film by Martin Conaghan

Probably need to reduce the number of vids being posted. We are raping Youtube right now. However, this is slightly different. Over at Copydesk.com, the online vestibule of Martin Conaghan (writer of Fallen Heroes and Burke and Hare) there is this short film, made for the BBC and based on a comic book short by Martin and Mike Perkins.

Very much fulfilling the title of short it’s a very succinct gem of a short film realising a lovely idea (if a little creepy).

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