Dan’s Bio

Dan Thompson is an English writer and comedian. His work includes the award winning short films [Box] Fresh and The Devil’s Fork, as well as his critically acclaimed 2009 live show Pecker and Foof Save The World.

Dan started Beyond The Bunker with Steve Penfold in early 2010 as a way of publishing interesting yet accessible comics, aimed solidly at a mainstream audience. The first of these books is Moon, an action-comedy about a detective with a moon for a head. It was released in March 2011 and has since gone on to garner praise from Bizarre Magazine, Major Spoilers and many other publications. His second comic, Band of Butchers, is released under the Unseen Shadows imprint later this year.

Dan lives in Greenwich with his wife and several rodents (both invited and otherwise). He also thinks you look lovely with your hair like that.