Moon hand-engraved Pint Glass


It’s Friday night. Everyone descends on the local after a long week of waiting for better and now here it is. Two besuited types sit bemoaning their boss at the bar not realising they’re just singing the final verse of a song they were paid to sing until an hour ago. A couple with entirely different intentions are ensconced in a corner, playing the night until they see where the game ends – but both have different ideas of a win for now.

You are in a circle of familiar smiles and easy stories. Reminiscence of stories you’ve heard a hundred times before, never funnier. The warmth of friends and familiarity surrounds your corner. Your backs circled like wagons against the chatter and bustle around you.

The dregs are so close to the base of the glass they’re beginning to dry in the warm air – patiently waiting for the punchline to the latest story. It’s your round and all of the glasses remain on the table – glass tombstones standing testament to emptying pockets and filled bellies. A busy night, you know the drinks will be unavoidably served in lukewarm glasses – doused sparingly with cold water straight out of the washer – but not your glass. Your glass is the same temperature as you. Only cooler.

Because yours has Moon written all over it.


Single fine pint glass, hand-engraved by Amazengrave glass
engravers (Trudy Anderton)
Each glass will be to order and sent in packaging that makes sure it arrives
safely and in presentation boxes that make it a perfect gift for
a massive moon fan – that includes you!!


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