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A BTB Landmark

I was checking in on our daily stats (because I’m a titanic loser) and noticed that we dinged 300 hits today making it by far and away the busiest day we’ve had since…well yesterday which was also a record day. Regardless it means that August was our best month ever and since the big 300 is something of a milestone for a relatively new site like ours, I thought you all deserved a treat.

Here’s a photo of Steve and I looking really really happy.

See you at the 600 mark!


“Fast paced, snappy and very funny” – Liberation Frequency Reviews Moon #1

Last week we posted up a link to our interview with Pop-Culture website Liberation Frequency. Well, they also promised to run a review on Moon #1 and said review is now live. It’s always nice to see what other comics fans have to say about the book, especially when it’s as positive as this.

You can read the full review HERE and if you tune in to their next podcast you’ll have a chance to win a signed copy of the comic! Lovely.



Moon 2, Page 1 in Ink

Moon 2, page 1 as god intended her (all that's left is getting it as Iv intends her)

I remain excited at the prospect of being able to offer up the inks for Page 1, Issue 2 of Moon. This was a tester for me as we got back in the game to bring you the lunar shennanigans before. In my time off I was very clear in my mind as to what the drop points of the original were, not that anyone seemed to notice. The linework lacked the sharpness I was looking for and the clarity of composition I was hoping for. So I went in on 2 (and FH 2 – and even more so on Cy’s Reverend) with the intention to develop what had already been done without losing the tone of the original.

It can be difficult to develop within a series as the artwork shouldn’t change too dramatically from Page 1 to Page 150 frankly but when you’re in your early days – like I am – there’s a curve and it’d shortchange readers if you don’t follow that line. I’ve tried to hard to maintain the tone of Issue 1 but I hope Issue 2 proves sharper and cleaner, funnier and more engaging still than the original. If Issue 1 was the intro, this is now the proving ground. Here’s hoping we’re up to it.

All that’s left to do is send it over to Iv. She’ll do what she always does and blow it clean out of the water with deft application of creation-like colour work. We love Iv and I personally have to thank her for being so patient while waiting for pages. She’s a colour obsessed angel. The end results of her efforts’ll be posted here as soon as they’re back.

Semper procedens.

Steve P (Penners)

£1 Off Moon #1 Mail Orders…Forever!

Following a clever bit of negotiating we’re happy to report that we’ve been able to slash a whole English pound off the postage costs of Moon #1! It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a while as we know not everyone can get down to conventions to buy them in person but it took a little bit of work to get it to a point where we could afford it.

Rather than a fiver, a mail order copy of Moon #1 will now cost you a mere £4!

Now you can own a copy of the critically acclaimed comic about a detective with a moon for a head, without breaking the bank! Hurrah!

Click the image below, use the secure paypal button and a bagged and boarded copy will be on its way to you in no time at all.


Why Buy Moon?

Moon 1 is now available to buy from this site (click here). It is the first part of many more Moons to come. Your copy will be individually numbered and marked as a first edition pushing the value of the book up should great things take place in Moon’s future. It’s the first book from Beyond the Bunker; of which there are already more in the pipe line. Its the first published work for Dan Thompson and Steve Penfold (excluding Steve’s Fallen Heroes work (ahem)). Its the summation of 2 years hard graft. You would be supporting the British comic industry – something both myself and Dan are very proud of – though we do accept cheques in dollars – and kick starting a newby independent comics company that hopes to represent the sharp end of indy (and small press) comic books. Its high quality (printed by our mates at UKomics) and its kick ass wicked. Those are the reasons I can think of for buying Moon 1.

Aside from all that – its the tale of the Moon arriving on earth to defend the British isles, but discovering, due to a botched, drunken Celtic ceremony that he is cursed to walk the earth with a Moon for a head. Working his way up through history without eating, drinking, talking or emoting facially Moon now walks the streets of 21st Century facing threats the usual constabulary are ill-equipped to deal with! At night he returns to his place in the sky – defying laws of physics and basic astronomy before returning back in the morning to tackle the amassing hordes of weird. A comedy, a buddy cop tale, a gripping insight into what the Moon does when he’s not in the sky. Don’t look to the sky, look to the streets. Its Moon!!
… and if that weren’t enough check out the pages in preview here on Monday…

Introducing Ivanna Matilla : Colourist on Moon

We would like to take this opportunity on the run up to the big launch to introduce Ivanna Matilla, colourist on Moon 1. After the creation of the first 12 pages of Moon it became clear that the work required a deft hand. At Beyond the Bunker our intention is always to put out the best work possible and while there were possibilities of myself (Steve Penfold) doing the colour there were very good reasons why I should not. Namely that I was not adept enough at colouring digitally (as was required) and that I was no where near fast enough. I had already had experience of working with a colourist on Fallen Heroes with Gat Melvyn (introduced next week) and have enjoyed a good working relationship with him throughout (excluding a couple of hiccups – you’ll see what I mean next week) but nothing could prepare me for the sheer exuberant sweetness of working with Ivanna Matilla. Perpetually cheerful she has been brilliant throughout what would have been a really difficult process of bringing on a new creative and showing them the ropes.

INFLUENCES: LIQUID (Christian Lichter) and SIMON BORK.
INTERESTS: Painting, Cinema, Teaching, Learning languages

An English teacher 200 miles from Buenos Aires in Argentina, Ivanna Matilla has a boyfriend with a comic book shop in the town in which they live. Making time to paint (digitally), Ivanna stands out as one of the best digital colourists out there. Totally self taught (‘because she didn’t have time to study’) she only has one professional job to her name (much like everyone else on Beyond the Bunker), a graphic novel named Unforgivable. ( A late find in the search for a new colourist for Moon 1 her eclectic and abstract style was not immediately the first choice – as we were looking for a horribly commercial artist – but with second looks at her Deviantart page she completely won us over. Between her skin tones and clothing detail and her lighting and shading her work represented something we initially thought was too advanced for our comic book – but we thought nah, let’s treat ourselves. And we were wrong to ever doubt it, her style fits well with a story of a fairytale gone slightly sideways and she had been a pleasure to work with throughout. Moon 1 was completed within two months (an incredible feat considering it is neither her day job and Christmas and a trip to her brothers for a week coincided with it. But nothing stopped her and Moon 1 simply wouldn’t have happened without her. We (and you I imagine) look forward to more of her stuff in Moon 2 and we are really proud to have her as the third member of Beyond the Bunker.

She also has a habit of ‘marking’ my work with arrows and questions about what this means and what’s that for. Two characters would not have had had hands in Moon 1 if it hadn’t’ve been for Ivanna. She requested two air tickets to Britain for the ‘Beyond the Bunker launch party’ as payment for the work she’s done. Unfortunately we can’t stretch to it right now but if her work attracts as many people as it should we should be able to afford a private jet within a few months.

Every time I see more of Ivanna’s work I am more and more in awe of her talent. We hope we can work with her for as long as we can hold onto her as she represents an incredible talent. Well, take a look for yourselves…. we’ll be showcasing her favourite pieces from her Deviantart collection over the coming weeks.