coke float

Moon 2: Page 17 inks

We’re not showing you much of Moon 2 we admit – it’s a precarious balance between giving you all something to look forward to and giving away the plot – but there are great movements in the life of Moon – more perhaps than you’d expect. Enough, even to put him off of Coke Floats.

Will he be afraid of Coca Cola and Ice Cream? Will the events of Moon 2 change everything about the life of our hero? Yes, yes is the answer. Everything you know about Moon is open target in the rip-roaring new Moon book. Crazy Shennanigans!!

Who are the Agency? What happens to Ray? Why is Shades Rodriguez rowing with that woman? Where is Agent Seven? Who sent the Bingo Moles into battle? Who shot Councillor Hugh Griffiths? All this and more in the upcoming edition of Moon!

Moon’s Song of the Week: Kinda Outta Luck by Lana Del Rey


Moon is an astral body of many hobbies but one of his greatest loves (right behind a quality coke float) is that of music. Many scientists believe that the happiest day of Moon’s life was the one in which he discovered a pair of headphones big enough to fit over his massive head and, with that in mind, the great globe headed one has now elected to share some of his musical tastes with the general public.

Moon’s inaugural pick comes from rapidly ascending mega star, Lana Del Rey. Lana’s first album “Born to Die” came out this week and, as is the way with such things, critics are already queuing up to try and take shots at the new kid. Moon has never been one for such mudslinging (largely because he has no mud) but he does have one gripe with “Born to Die” and that is the sad omission of this little gem.

Released via youtube back in May last year, Kinda Outta Luck is a beautifully simple tribute to femme fatales anywhere. Moon recommends enjoying it with a glass of whiskey and your favourite Ed Brubaker comic.

Check back next week for another Moon Song of the Week!