Epic Concrete Hustle Lightsabre Duel

Best thing about modern special effects techniques is that it gives portly asian boys the chance to fight in extreme battle sequences with Kung-fu flipping warriors in High Rise parking lots. Thank God for After Effects!!

Remarkably the Lightsabre hilts were made from sink taps which just goes to show you just how kitchen sink this production really was.

Courtesy of Infectiousdesigner on Youtube.

Dropping Science: Jedi-Bot


Forever the breeding ground for wonderful yet pointless tech experiments, university science departments have, since time immemorial created stuff that nobody can fathom but everyone secretly wants (well science departments and Apple). In this case, students from Stamford University have created a robot “Jedi” capable of sword fighting with a live human being. We’ve seen robots lightsaber fight with each other already of course, but apparently that’s too easy as the robots already know what each other is going to do (I suspect “easy” is something of a relative term). With this particular battle droid, the bot is actually capable of sensing the movements of its human opponent and altering its strategy to compensate. It performs this wondrous feat with the aid of…you guessed it…an X-Box Kinnect. Microsoft it seems, while failing to create a truly earth shattering gaming experience, are succeeding quite nicely in bringing about the birth of Skynet.

The force is strong with this bot.