Moon Hits Kapow!!

Of course Moon will be at Kapow! (Wouldn’t be Kapow if we weren’t quite frankly). We will be bringing Moon 1 to a whole new batch – and anyone who already has a copy will get a free badge if they come by the table… and sketches will be available as well!! How about a picture of you and Moon?! Eh?!

Stop by for news on Moon 2!

Moon 2 will be out soon!! Watch this space!!

Moon's Song of the Week: No Diggity by Chet Faker


I actually scheduled this back on Monday as I’m in Barcelona right now watching F1 cars drive in elaborate circles. With that in mind I apologise if anything radically meaningful has been release music wise that I’ve missed in the last few days.

That said, there can’t be many new tracks that are as worth posting as this gem from Australian Electo artist, Chet Faker. A cover of Dr Dre & Blackstreet’s 1996 hit, No Diggity, that somehow manages to not disappoint. Chet’s voice is soulful and the backing track, haunting. It’s a perfect combination and the best bit is that you can download it for free from HERE.


Moon 2: Page 17 inks

We’re not showing you much of Moon 2 we admit – it’s a precarious balance between giving you all something to look forward to and giving away the plot – but there are great movements in the life of Moon – more perhaps than you’d expect. Enough, even to put him off of Coke Floats.

Will he be afraid of Coca Cola and Ice Cream? Will the events of Moon 2 change everything about the life of our hero? Yes, yes is the answer. Everything you know about Moon is open target in the rip-roaring new Moon book. Crazy Shennanigans!!

Who are the Agency? What happens to Ray? Why is Shades Rodriguez rowing with that woman? Where is Agent Seven? Who sent the Bingo Moles into battle? Who shot Councillor Hugh Griffiths? All this and more in the upcoming edition of Moon!

Moon's Song of the Week: Chemicals by The Violet Bones


I caught these guys at Proud Camden last weekend and enjoyed their set so much that I figured I would make them this week’s song.

Violet Bones are a 4 piece indy/rock band who play very catchy, short songs that draw heavily on the early days of punk. They sound a bit like The Ramones, perhaps with a bit of Libertines blended in for good measure and it’s a fantastic combo. I’ve always had a soft spot for these kind of tracks because they’re so unpretentious and just get right to the point. Hope you enjoy it it.

You can hear more of the Violet Bones’ music on their youtube page.


Diary of a bum artist 01.05.12 : C'mon Moon 2!!

We continue to work solidly on the second issue of moon 2. Moving (very swiftly) towards the last pages now, iv is doing all she can to complete the colour work on the second edition of our semi-orbital hero.

It’s been a long while now and I can only apologise profusely to all those who are waiting so patiently for the second edition of Moon. Rest assured, that while there have been delays we are sincerely working as hard and fast as we possibly can to get it completed.

In the back of my mind, particularly because of the length of time it has been between issues I am not prepared to put out anything less than an excellent issue. Those who have supported us, and Dan, and Iv for all her hard work deserve to see the best outing (of two) for Moon there has ever been.

Moon is out benchmark, Moon feels like our way out of the amateur field (much as we love it) and present ourselves as the professionals we want to be.

Course, being a professional means finishing the damn book so I’m lacking slightly in that respect. I’d like to point out that danno completed the script for the first volume of moon 2 years ago so frankly he deserves an award for patience beyond the ken of icici.

It’s coming!!! – and by Jove it’ll be awesome if it kills me.


We don’t mark stuff like this very often but the BTB hit counter ticked over the 100,000 mark today. For a young site, entirely run by 2 people, it’s a good number and we’re very proud of it.

Thank you for all the support that has been shown to this site since we opened our doors just over a year ago, we’ve grown massively and we continue to grow every day. Please keep telling your friends about us, checking back for new content and (if you can afford to) buying our comics. In return, we will continue to put out as much content as we can over the next 100,000 hits. More Practitioners, more comic and movie articles and of course much much more Moon.

Here’s to the future, Bunkerites!

Dan & Steve

Moon’s Song of the Week: The Fox by Niki & The Dove

It’s probably all the cold weather we’ve been having but this week Moon has mostly been kicking back to the sound of Swedish alt-pop. Specifically he’s been digging the Swedish alt-pop of Niki & The Dove.

Like a lot of music from that part of the world, Niki & The Dove’s excellent single “The Fox” combines wonderfully imaginative and complex beats with powerful, soaring vocals. It also happens to come equipped with one of the coolest music videos that you’ll have seen in a while courtesy of the animators at WINTR. There are obvious comparisons to be made with the likes of Björk, but the duo have their own sound and are well worth checking out even if you’re not in to the pint sized Icelander.

You can download the song for free here.


Moon: Seven II

Just a few more sketch works of Moon’s first nemesis. Agent Seven wants nothing more than money to fulfill his job. That, and to cave in Moon’s stone head with a giant club hammer. The combination of the two proves irresistable when the contract on Moon is up for dibs. As for what happened to Agents 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Who knows. Seven remains the lowest number among the Bingo Mole ranks. Are they really called Bingo Moles? No. No, they’re not. We’ll call them soldiers. How’s that?

Moon’s Song of the Week: Back In The Dark by Richard Rich, Clint Mansell & Max Tannone


Moon’s keeping it real (whatever that means) this week. It seems criminal that we’ve been running this site for over a year now without talking about the work of the mighty Max Tannone so it’s good to finally rectify that oversight. Max Tannone is a remix artist from New York who shot to fame with is remix project “Jadiohead” which fused the back catalogues of Radiohead and Jay Z together with stunning results.

Perhaps unsurprisingly however, Moon’s personal pick comes from Max’s 2011 project “Seline”, a concept album featuring hip hop remixes of the Clint Mansell’s score for the Sci-Fi movie “Moon.” Mansell’s score is beautiful enough on its own and Max’s re imagining of the music brings a whole new level of enjoyment.

You can pick up all of Max’s projects for free from his website.


Moon: The Original Look of his Greatest Enemy (so far)

Agent Seven is the first major threat that Moon deals with. He’s the single most destructive force in Moon’s life. He’s effectively a nasty b@stard. He’s lean, mean and not against the idea of dressing like a waitress to put bullets in his target. So finally, as Moon 2 nears completion, here’s the initial sketch work.

To set him apart from many of the other characters the initial design was much more thick set than in the final character. Dan had always envisaged Seven as a lean agent, toughened but not too lumbering. So I skinnied the dude up. Trust us, the future rogue’s gallery we have planned for Moon are a great many shapes and sizes. Seven, while a constant threat, is the most normal out of the batch – and arguably the most dangerous.

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