Moon #1 Review Roundup

Most of the reviews are in for Moon #1 now and so I thought it was about time that we collected them all together so you can see what the critics have been saying about the book.

Geek Syndicate –  5/5 – “Iconic”

Major Spoilers – “Very impressive”

The Void – “A great cast of characters”

Small Press Big Mouth Podcast – “Very slick, very professional, very witty…you’ll love it.”

Geek Planet Online – “Deserves to be a breakout hit.”  (Heres a LINK to the interview I did alongside the review)

Good Comic Books – “Like if HBO made Blackadder…awesome fun!”

Hi-Ex! Blog – “Complex and exciting…Buy it!”

Comic Buzz – “Huge fun and was a pleasure to read. I’ll be back for Issue Two and I’m willing to bet that everyone who reads this will be too!”

We had faith that people would like the book when we put it out there but the sheer level of enthusiasm that people have shown for it has been frankly staggering. We are hard at work on issue 2 right now and we’re still aiming to have in in your hands by the end of summer. If you’ve not bought a copy of the book yet please order one online or come and see us at Bristol, MCM or any of the other cons we’ll be visiting this year. The faster we sell issue 1, the faster we can put issue 2 out. Bunkerites, we need YOU! (I may even stop calling you Bunkerites if you help us sell a tonne of them 😉 )

Please, please, please take a bit of time to hop on twitter/facebook/whatever and give us a quick shout out. We really appreciate the help you guys give to this rapidly accelerating project.


The roots of great art: Moon 1, Page 1 in black and white

The grand plan was to post up B&W versions of the preview pages of Moon before the colours to show how the project was progressing. However, because we are effectively Monkeys with guns ( or I am at least) when operating this blog (or were – we are now geniuses at it) it came about that the scheduled colour pages appeared (by accident) beforehand. So rather than short change you we opted to bring the Black and Whites back.

First up Moon 1, page 1!! You’ll see that the title is Moon: Rise. We changed this in the final book because the title was on the facing page as well so Dan felt it was a little over the top. After a brief argument in which I couldn’t be bothered and thought it was fine – I capitulated and the page has been changed. True story. Tell your friends….

Dropping Science: Carl Sagan’s “Pale Blue Dot” Gets Animated

I’ve been wanting to do some regular updates about science stories that have interested me for a while now. As you might expect for somebody who writes a comic about a guy with a Moon for a head, I’m an entirely unabashed lover of all things space and I figure it’s only right that the book’s scientific inspirations get as much acknowledgement as its artistic ones. That and space is fucking cool

If we’re going to be posting stuff about space then I suppose it makes sense to start with some Carl Sagan. Seridan College student,  Adam Winnik produced this short animation to accompany Sagan’s own narration of an excerpt from his book “Pale Blue Dot”. It’s a beautiful bit of animation to go with a beautiful bit of “scientific poetry”. I hope you enjoy it.


Moon Compared to The Tick, First Editions Almost Sold Out & More Reviews Are In – News From The Bunker

Afternoon chaps,

Wow. We’ve had a whole tonne of stuff going on since Kapow so I thought the best thing to do was just chuck it all together and give you a bit of an update on what we’re up to right now.

Steve and I signing copies of the book at Kapow

First off, massive thanks go to everybody who bought a copy of Moon at Kapow and to those that have ordered copies of the book via the website. We were expecting the level of interest in the book to pick up a bit after some of the reviews came out but it has utterly floored us just how many people seem to want to read about our big Mooney hero. To give you an idea of where we’re at, we had predicted that our initial print run would cover us for about six months and it’s almost completely sold out in two. Yikes!

On that note, if you are thinking about picking up a copy of Moon #1 but have yet to do so then you should know that we are now almost completely sold out of “First Edition” copies. The second print run of the book will have a slightly different cover, so if collecting is your thing then you’re going to want to get your order in as soon as you can. Once the First Editions are gone, they’re gone for good. Which reminds me…I should really reserve one of them for myself.

If you want this sexy cover then you'd best be swift.

We’ve had a couple more reviews come in this week as well. I’m going to post up a full page of links to them once the last few are in but in the mean time you may wish to know that The Void thinks Moon has “a great cast of characters” and that the Small Press Big Mouth Podcast generally loves the book (I’d suggest enjoying the whole podcast, but if you just want the Moon review then skip to around the 10min mark). The Small Press Big Mouth one especially blew me away as it’s one of the most positive reviews we’ve had so far. They seem to genuinely get what we’re trying to do here and the fact that they likened the book to The Tick makes me happier than you can possibly imagine.

Ok, well I have a tonne of writing to do if I’m going to get Band of Butchers done in time, so I must return to the laptop. Take care of yourselves Bunkerites, thanks for all the support so far and please keep spreading the good word.


Shades of Shades: Steve Penfold inks to Ivanna Matilla colours

A lot going on at the Bunker right now. A lot of activity regarding the new Moon 2 issue, Fallen Heroes 2, Clancy Wallencheck: Band of Butchers and two other titles which we are not discussing for now. In particular is the focus on Moon 1 : second printing. We are currently in contact with UKomics to see what the best advice is – and taking into account advice and discussions with indy comic book luminaries Barry Nugent, Martin Conaghan and Harry Markos. Myself and Dan will meet in a secret location somewhere in London and decide on the next move – with the help of an Excel Spreadsheet and some tankards of ale.

The Governator Alternative Theme Song


Some of you are probably aware already of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new cartoon series ‘The Governator’. Terrifyingly the show itself is actually real however comedy film makers Jon & Al Kaplan (Conan the Barbarian: The Musical, Silence! the Musical) weren’t too happy with the quality of the show’s theme song and elected to produce their own.

Thanks again to Ryan from Cold Callers for this one. He’s been carpet bombing me with funny stuff all week.

Fallen Heroes update and Moon news tomorrow.


The Many Faces of Moon

Morning chaps,

It’s a well known adage that there is no such thing as a truly original story and that all we do is find new ways of expressing old ideas. With that in mind I thought I’d spend a bit of time cruising Google for examples of other people who have, at some point in history, told the tale of a man with a Moon for a head. I tell you now, it was 10 mins well spent. 😉

The Classic Moon

Those of you of the more literary persuasion will already be familiar  with Enid Blyton’s 1939 Children’s classic “The Faraway Tree“. You may also be aware that the book features a character named Moon-face who has a big round face and owns a house filled entirely with round furniture (and you thought OUR book was mental). What you may not have been aware of is that there exists an entire subset of people who refuse to read Faraway Tree because they find Moon-Face to quite indescribably creepy. Having discovered this picture, I’m somewhat included to agree with them. It’s not so much that he has a Moon for a head, it’s that he appears to have a normal head which has been horrifically inflated in some kind of dreadful chemical accident…and that he’s stealing children…in his pajamas.

The Wrong Moon

Credit for this and the next few images goes to Stupid Comics who are involved in the extremely noble field of “finding examples of how old comics are insane”. If I ever manage to write a line so inspired as “I have no mouth to talk and explain that I’m just an ordinary human with the WRONG HEAD!” then I will be able to retire a happy man. It’s also the best example of a letterer screwing up that I’ve seen, I know that scripts can sometimes be unclear but I’m pretty sure the guy by the billboard is perfectly happy with the state of his head…comparatively so at least.

The Mega-Moon

This is another one from Stupid Comics, the similarities here are frankly terrifying. In this version of the book however Moon appears to spend less time saving people from international terrorism and more time staggering around making stuff wet. But then it was the 50s. People did stuff like that in the 50s. Even Moon.

El McMoon


It seems that during the late 80s Moon lost all of his principles, dressed up like Shades Rodriguez and started plugging Big Macs in Mexico. Ok, so there is an English version of this advert but for some reason it’s infinitely funnier in Spanish. The really odd thing is that in the original version of the advert the character is orbiting the earth looking down on the new 24 hour McDonalds (which makes about as much sense as a swing playing astral body can do) however in this version Moon is simply dancing around on a massive burger. God bless Mexicans.

So it’s nice to know that we are a part of a long and noble literary tradition. Long may the Moon-fic genre endure!


Kapow in Pictures

Evening all,

I’m still recovering somewhat from the mania that was Kapow Comic Con. We got a lot of interest in the book over the weekend and it looks like we’re gonna be pretty busy for some time to come, which is rather nice. I’m pretty neck deep in work on the Clancy Wallencheck Fallen Heroes spin off this week, but I have managed to find time to upload some of the many photos from the event so that those of you who couldn’t make it can feel like you were really there.

Seems like everybody took this photo at some point during the day. It’s rare that you get such a good vantage point and can really appreciate the scale of an event like this. It also shows of just what a lovely venue the Business Design Centre really is. I know the temptation is going to be to move it to a bigger venue in years to come, but I really hope they stay put. It’s a splendid place.

The Warner Bros Stand was directly opposite the Beyond the Bunker one. This meant that not only were we driven insane by the Arkham City Trailer but we got glared at disapprovingly by Superman for 2 days straight.

One of our fellow exhibitors drew this fantastic pic of our Moon headed hero which I sat grinning at for the rest of the day. I genuinely love it when people do stuff like this, especially when it’s as good a pic as this one.

The BTB stand at the end of Saturday. We sold almost every copy of the book that we brought with us on the day (and we brought a lot of em). I probably could have retaken this one so it was less blurry, but I don’t think I’d have gotten as good an expression as Steve is pulling here. Really sums up the mood at that time.

Bidding a fond farewell to Kapow at the end of a busy day. It’s odd, I’ve been doing stand up gigs around Angel for years and yet I’ve never once noticed the BDC before. This probably has something to do with it not having a massive Hal Jordan slapped on the front of it during that time but it could also be because I don’t pay enough attention to exhibition centres.

We’ve got a few more pics still to go up (including some of the Beyond The Bunker stand itself) so check back later for those. In the meantime, if you want to really recreate that Kapow experience you can go to the BTB store and buy a copy of Moon for yourself. Always working. 😉


When Artists Collide: Moon line work to colour (Penfold to Matilla)

Ivanna Matilla enhanced massively the artwork in Moon 1 and is ready for more. Iv doesn’t need to work with us at this stage as she’s beginning to get the commissions she deserves. I was pleased to get good critiques on my pencil and ink work from comics editor for Clint Magazine, really great bloke with genuine interest in the scene – who even bought a copy of Moon to add to his collection. In many ways I’ve been aware since Iv’s reactions to some of my line work (constructive of course) that there was room for improvement and I’m stepping up for Issue 2 – you can see a style change and sharpening of the line work by the end of Moon 1, something that was confirmed by Frank Quitely as he flicked through his own copy.


Prepping up for Kapow!! Things that might be available at Kapow!

Look - badges!! (possibly)

Now you might well think that we were just going to wander up to Kapow with a box full of books and try to push them off onto any unsuspecting soul walking by. But no – we plan (hope) to offer choice!! CHOICE!! That’s right. Not only the heady goodness that is a copy of Moon 1 but you can (perhaps) buy badges of various designs AND the First Beyond the Bunker DVD – a collection of mine and Dan’s short films (mostly Dan’s if I’m honest – I was drawing things). 6 of the best from the BTB Film collection no less with The Devil’s Fork, Cock, the newly minted Wild Watch – fresh from success at the 2 Days Laughter short film competition – some children’s television entertainers sanguine too with Edd: Ducking the Past, (Box):Fresh and the film that spawned the legend – The Day the Moon got too Close. All on 1 DVD! Plus extras! Plus I think there’s a trailer on there somewhere- WOOHOO!! (Ahem).

However, the badge company have informed us there are delays to the delivery and the DVD covers are currently with an unnamed supporter of the Bunker who is risking all to complete them all and get them back to us tomorrow night… so we’ll have to see what happens…..

But who cares because we have Moon 1 and Fallen Heroes will be available to all comers (limited supply of FH 1 so get in quick at the Fallen Heroes table!!).

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