Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf X: Cat and Kryten Synchronise

There’s a countdown going on the Dave website to mark the confirmation start date of Red Dwarf X (according to Rob Lewellyn it’ll likely be the end of September. There’s a bit of a buzz on this one (more so than the last 3). The live audiences are back, giving the show it’s homely, old school, theatrical feel that was lost back in Series… um… VII.

I love Red Dwarf, so far ahead of it’s time it’s cheerful and apocalyptic at the same time. It’s capacity to just be damn silly sets it miles apart from anything else. I started watching as a teenager, when I was bought the videos of Red Dwarf I and II, having asked for any Red Dwarf video that could be found after watching 10 minutes of Polymorph in Red Dwarf III before my Nan switched it off. From The End, through to Confidence and Paranoia and Better Than Life, it wasn’t what I remembered but it was awesome none the less. Absorbing all of the books that inspired it the only thing I haven’t heard is the audio book.

Firmly trapped in the era of the Crystal Maze, Knightmare and Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor Who this was a time when Sci-fi didn’t take itself too seriously (alla Battlestar, Star Wars and Star Trek) and I loved it twice as much for that. I even drew most avidly a comic strip called Star Nutters, lifting pretty much directly art and ideas from Red Dwarf, Val Semeiks’ Lobo and Hitchhikers (with a few ideas of my own thrown in).

I lived Dwarf for years and steadily, as I’ve got older, I kind of left it behind. But I’d love the idea of going back to then and watching I-VI back to back one last time. Maybe one day I’ll be able to do I-X.

Red Dwarf Movie Trailer

Red Dwarf’s been going since 1988. Dave Lister, Arnold Rimmer and Cat found themselves locked on a mining ship 3 million years in the future with a deranged computer navigating. In that time a fair few things have changed but the the basic premise of fish out water or slob out of oxygen has held it together for all of those 24 years.

If it’s time to give up on the Dwarfers nobody’s told them – the tenth series is arriving on Dave very soon – and frankly the inexorable nature of the series kind of fits the idea. Dave is old now, and whether he’s staying an unwashed space bum remains to be seen – you’d think he’d’ve pulled it together a little in the last quarter decade.

But the constant, hopefully, will be the manic non-aliens (Gelphs, Simulants, Psirens, Polymorphs et al), the Bazookoid blasting, explosions and rampant ineptitude so often found by a group of idiots left womanless for three full millenia. With no real focus to cause them to up their game, Rimmer, Lister, Kryten and Cat will continue to wander aimlessly along the space lanes in search of curry and Pete Trance’s sister.

This trailer pretty much nails the outer limits of anarchy and testosterone fuelled hyper violence that Red Dwarf has represented for a good chunk of a century… loadsa fun…

The 1st Red Dwarf X Trailer – Return to the Dwarf

Even following the gaps and uneven nature of recent series of the Dwarf, we are, here at Bunker HQ, absolute Dwarf fans. During filming of the second Moon film we were lucky enough to catch episodes of the last outing of the Dwarfers. This trailer shows a very real move back towards the cheerful, more immediate laddishness and humour of Red Dwarf V AND VI, hopefully with a dash of the production values of VII, VIII, IX. While they’re looking older (with the exception of Llewelyn’s Kryten) we here at the Bunker will no doubt be tuning in to see Rimmer get lost in a card game.

Pack your bags!! First Habitable Planet discovered

Given that our main flagship title involves a man with a Moon for a head we here at Beyond the Bunker have inevitably started (as we pretty much always have) looking skywards. Every Saturday Dan posts up an interesting article about something space or science related. When ever I might feel like it I will post up something space or science related.

For some time now the space agencies have been scouring the skies to locate an exoplanet that has the right ingredients to harbour life. The rocky ‘Exoplanet’ Gliese 581d meets key requirements for sustaining Earth-like life, including rainfall and possibly even watery oceans. The planet orbits a Red Dwarf star similarly called Gliese 581, on its outer fringes called the ‘Goldilocks Zone’, the part of a solar system where the bears are out – and also, perhaps less pivotally- where the temperature is not so hot that water boils away, nor so cold that water is perpetually frozen. Though, even though it might be technically habitable, don’t start looking at timeshares just yet as it Gliese 581d would not make comfortable dwelling for humans.

Gravity is twice what it is on Earth, doubling the weight of anyone standing on the surface, and the atmosphere is dense with carbon dioxide. It’s big though; with a mass 5.6 times that of the Earth, Gliese 581d is classified as a ‘Super-Earth’.

It took scientist by surprise as it had already been dismissed as being uninhabitable. But new computer models with the capacity to simulate extraterrestrial climates have revealed it and confirmed its status, rather unceremoniously to ‘alive’. Like Homer Simpson when he was moved to the better hospital.

“This discovery is important because it’s the first time climate modellers have proved that the planet is potentially habitable, and all observers agree that the exoplanet exists,” said Dr Robin Wordsworth, a member of the French team from the Institut Pierre Simon Laplace in Paris. “If you look at the history of the search for habitable planets, there’s been at least two instances so far when scientists have announced that a habitable world has been discovered, only to have the claim contradicted later, either by climate experts or by other observers.”

Gliese 581g by Strivera-d320slx on Deviantart

Don’t pack your trunks and bikini bottoms just yet though as Gliese 581d receives about 30% of the sunlight Earth does from its local star. While the temperature seems to be too cold to support liquid water, the atmosphere’s high production of greenhouse gases significantly heats the planet. It looks like its ‘tidally locked’ too, meaning that one side always faces the sun, which’d give it a permanent dayside and nightside. One for Nomadic Greenlanders then.

Battle for (uh) Gliese 581 d

This is far from an exact science, effectively going on sine 1995 and relies on miniscule objects ‘wobbling’ stellar light. From this wobble- scientists start making best informed guess attempts. Its far from accurate though. Gliese 581 has already been associated with another ‘habitable’ planet known as ‘Zarmina’s World’ (Gliese 581g), after its observers announced it had roughly the same mass as Earth’s and was also close to the ‘Goldilock’s Zone’. This was deflated somewhat as it has since been discounted by many, with some experts suspecting that Gliese 581g may not even exist. Huh?