The Twelve Geeks of Christmas – Red Shirt Guy Autotune

As a thank you for all your support over our first few months of being operational, we’re giving you twelve days worth of geeky videos, hand picked and guaranteed to raise a smile. Enjoy.


If you’re a citizen of the internet then you probably came across the unlikely hero known only as “Red Shirt Guy”. Not only did this chap manage to stump the World of Warcraft creative team with his scary knowledge of their own product, he also became an overnight legend by the calm and reasonable way he addressed the hail of flames he got over his first video. So popular was he with fans that Blizzard even incorporated him into the latest World of Warcraft expansion. Fitting then that an icon such as this should receive one of the internet’s highest awards – a badass autotune remix!

Another X-Men parody tomorrow. Sweet.