Big Movies 2011 : It’s WAR!! (Part 1: Conan vs Transformers)

This year its a penchant for over powering conflict across the wide screens of the globe. Massive machines clubbing and battering each other to bits on the streets of Chicago in a coup de grace of mecha mayhem that likely ends the Transformers tenure for Michael Bay and while Magicians, Wizards and Witches go to war in the final part of the biggest franchise in recent history with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. But it was the Conan the Barbarian trailer that struck me most.

Acknowledged as difficult by its Director Marcus Nispel as its central character has no story arc ‘he’s the same at the finish as he is at the start.’ Never the less the trailer clearly reveals some deft and powerful set pieces that most likely will shroud the Arnold Schwarzennegger original – though most likely not the original books.

It delivers the Conan staples, Bung Fu club and kill action, strong enemies, big and impressive (though not implausibly fantastical) monster and thug with long hair. Rose Byrne looks like Hellfire in human form which helps frankly but it looks more thoughtful and carefully pieced together than the original preview suggested. Sometimes it takes films like Conan to remind you that its possible to overthink about films. Those that are most watched are those that demand the least…. Conan looks like it might be a fine example of escapism. We’ll have to see at the movies.