He-Man is Sexy (And he Knows it)


What better way to celebrate today’s anti-SOPA blackout than by sharing a video that would, in all likelihood, be illegal should the bill pass. He-Man is pretty buff, he knows it and he damn well wants to make sure that you know it too.  JesseWolf‘s video defiantly falls into the sillier end of the spectrum but for the teddy bear alone, it’s worth a watch.


We’re not doing a SOPA blackout today, partly because we’re a primarily UK based site and it wouldn’t have any real impact but mostly because I don’t have the technical know-how to actually implement it. If you’d like to find out more about SOPA and the damage it could do to sites like ours, click here.

Finally!!: C-3P0 and R2D2 swimsuits

Finally, the discerning gentleman or female Star Wars fan can get a swimsuit designed like a bucket on wheels and effeminate translation droid from a popular science fiction franchise. These are cool. While I wonder exactly how many women have got their hands on a pair I know I’d be briefly proud to be seen at a pool with any lady in these. I’m not joking. I should be but I’m not. It’d mean not only that she’s a girl unafraid of getting into her skimpy’s but also proud of her love of Star Wars. Or that she’s been so massively indoctrinated by my love of Star Wars that she’s prepared to wear it. Either way…