Dropping Science – Here’s To The Crazy Ones


I know we’ve already mentioned the passing of Steve Jobs this week, but given that this is our weekly science segment, it felt right to dedicate some space to this video. This is an advert for Apple that was made back in 1997 (remember that?) and the voice you’re hearing is that of Jobs himself. It was a time before the ipod, before Apple had more money than the United States and when the company’s future was far from secure. Inspiring as it is, this version of the ad was never aired and was instead replaced with a version narrated by Richard Dreyfuss however, now more than ever, Steve’s version seems to speak from somewhere deeper.

Love him or hate him, we’ll never stop talking about him.


Already: Expression animation to rival Rockstar’s LA Noire from Texan ad company

With LA Noire stealing column inches for its astounding facial recognition software that allows you to tell if a character is lying, its easy to assume that that is the bleeding edge of technology available for this stuff. Not according to this bunch of Texan programmers, Janimation is an outfit mostly associated with advertising but damned if they shouldn’t be looking at the more lucrative field of games and animated movies. Check this out. And for those unfamiliar with Rockstar’s new piece de resistance, here’s the LA Noire trailer. Enjoy!!

[vimeo w=400&h=300]

L.A. Noire from uzgames on Vimeo.