the Muppets

Brett McKenzie and Kermit the Frog Sing a Happy Song


Flight of the Conchord’s own Brett McKenzie is responsible for writing and/or producing all of the original songs in the new Muppets movie (as if you needed any more reasons to go see it!) In this lovely video he and the film’s leading frog sit down to sing the movie’s opening number together…and to demonstrate why they don’t sing it in the actual film.

Happy Sunday!


Captain Kirk versus Bane with a CIA arms budget!! THIS IS WAR Trailer.

This little beauty was No.2 most viewed trailer on Imdb between Avengers and the Muppets so highbrow rests in a bucket for another day!! Hooray!!

Tom Hardy takes the money with this little number and Chris Pine comes in out of the icy cold of space to throw in with this girlfriend safe gun game of a movie. It’s a romantic comedy for boys!! Two partners and top agents of the CIA kick ass on a daily basis together until they discover they’re going out with the same girl (Reese Witherspoon). Que zany shooting out of the sky of multi million dollar spy planes (federal offence), fast cars and kooky smashing up of nice looking restaurants. Drag factor of McG aside this is at least a film with Bane and Captain Kirk beating up on each other and your girlfriend might agree to see it. Who knows.