Band of Butchers Artist Nominated for ICN Award!

It’s with great delight that I’m able to report that Band of Butchers artist Rob Carey has been nominated for Best Mainstream Published Artist in the 2011 ICN awards! ICN honours creators and comics of Irish origin and is a hell of an accolade  to be nominated for.

Deus Ex by Rob Carey with colours by Alwyn Talbot

Having worked with Rob on Band of Butchers I can honestly say that it’s an honour thoroughly well deserved. People throw the term “one to watch” around far too much but in all honesty if there is any justice in the world then you will be seeing a LOT of Rob Carey in the future. He’s a joy to work with as an artist and his work is a joy to behold for a reader. You just have to take a look at some of his work here in this post to see what I mean.

Cover for Band of Butchers

It’s not an easy fight though. Rob’s in a category that includes the likes of Nick Roche & Alan Nolan and so we at the Bunker are asking (nay demanding/begging depending on your reaction to such things) that you head to the VOTING PAGE and vote for Rob Carey to walk away with the title! If nothing else, it’ll add a few quid to the value of that signed Band of Butchers comic you’re planning on picking up at Thought Bubble.

Interiors from Band of Butchers. Art by Rob, Colours by Vicky Stonebridge.

Best of luck Rob. The Bunker’s behind you 100%.


Vote now!


For more info on the ICN awards click HERE
For more info on Band of Butchers click HERE
For more of Rob’s work here at BTB click HERE 



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