Comics Did A Good Thing

Those of you who are into both comics and twitter may well have seen the hashtag #comicsdidagoodthing floating around your feed as of late. This will especially be the case if you’re a follower of Gail Simone (Wonder Woman, Secret Six) and frankly if you’re not then you need to stop reading and go follow @GailSimone right this second. Essentially this hashtag is a collection of stories from individuals for whom comics have had a profound and meaningful effect on their lives.

I’ve been utterly engrossed by this topic since it first appeared a few days ago. Both by the candour of the people writing and the range of emotions encapsulated in the stories themselves. As a writer, you’re always trying to find the shortest way of expressing something important and on that front some of these tweets are staggeringly powerful. Unique, deeply personal stories of hardship and hope, encapsulated in under 140 characters and laid bare for all to see.

From the inside of comics I think it can be incredibly easy to forget just how important these books can be to the people that read them, often far more so than to the people that make them. It’s for that reason that I wanted to share a few of these stories. After all, it’s for people like this that we write.

thewolverina Wolverina
Comics kept me sane & able to cope after a motorcycle crash left me injured & unable to hold a normal book open. #comicsdidagoodthing
As a child without a good male role model in my life, I am glad I had Clark Kent and Peter Parker. #comicsdidagoodthing
theisb Chris Sims
One of my favorite things I have to remember my father by are Kirby-inspired drawings of the Silver Surfer and Odin. #ComicsDidAGoodThing
BJLG Bryan J.L. Glass
Daredevil showed me that you get back up no matter how hard or how many times you’ve been knocked down. @GailSimone#comicsdidagoodthing
hangofwednesday Brian Williams
When I spent a lot of my early years of childhood in oxygen tents in hospitals comics gave me joy when my life had none #comicsdidagoodthing
David0Monroe David Monroe
I was 9 white, privileged & isolated. O’Neil/Adams’ GL/GA run opened my eyes & set me on my path as a Social Activist. #comicsdidagoodthing
eris404 Gaia Gardner
@GailSimone Comics, specifically Sandman issue 8, helped me deal with the death of my mother. #comicsdidagoodthing
IliasKyriazis IliasKyriazis
X-men is the ONLY reason I didn’t grew up a bigot #comicsdidagoodthing
Paul_Cornell Paul_Cornell
And let’s not forget Stan Lee’s effect on children’s reading ages. @GailSimone#comicsdidagoodthing
ryanoneil ryanoneil
Thinking about Wally West pushing beyond exhaustion as he ran has kept me going on more than one training run. #comicsdidagoodthing
emcgillivray Erica McGillivray
Comics got me to go to the first @GeekGirlCon meeting & now I’m running the org #comicsdidagoodthing
Highball2814 Buck Rowlette
RT @monksp@GailSimone A buddy used my Green Lantern trades to help bridge the gap between him and his stepson. #comicsdidagoodthing
777damm Steve Damm
Gambit showed me redemption is not free, the past is not permanent and mistakes are natural. #comicsdidagoodthing
gamoid Matt W.
@GailSimone Secret Six helped me distinguish sharks from not-sharks. #comicsdidagoodthing
loveandcapes Thomas Zahler
@GailSimone Comics helped me get the $32,000 question right when I was on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”.
pcvis Pat Vis
@GailSimone They made me happy. #comicsdidagoodthing
There are literally hundreds more examples that you can find by clicking on the hashtag. I hope that by recording a few of them here we’ve helped to retain some of this fascinating topic for the future. If nothing else, it’ll give me something to look back on any time somebody says “they’re just comics”.

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