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Hm. It seems an artists life is never easy. You have to keep your pencil’s sharpened and your rubber easily accessible. It seems the less you spend on something ultimately the more reliable it becomes. I need to sharpen my pencil – 85p from Stationery Box in Romford and its job done. I want to rub out a thousand pencil lines – I’d definitely recommend Daler Rowney soft Putty Erasers which’ll wipe that stuff out quick smart.

However, in order to get the work completed and increasingly out to the world wide web you need a scanner and to finish it all off a decent editing software. My weapon of choice, and most people’s frankly is Photoshop for very good reasons. It has the standard Adobe hallmark of intuitive design and interface and makes life easy by not limiting your options but keeping the controls and options wide. I’ve worked on Creative Suite Photoshop versions 2 and 3 and opted lately to take a jump up to Creative Suite 5.

With this I offer a warning – CS5 has one or two holes. Having received my scanner I expected Photoshop to format itself to the plug-in needed so that the scanner’d appear in the File>import section and I could scan directly into Photoshop – a detail that had proved helpful in CS2, 3 and I’d assumed on 4. However CS5 doesn’t have it. The related drive needed is a TWAIN drive that wasn’t included in the package. You can load it up easily enough at Adobe Live at the link below.


However, I’m running into a few other glitches. If you pull over an image file from 1 window into another and resize or edit it in that new window don’t touch the window you took it from. As soon as you do the file bounces back into the state it was in when you dragged it over. This, I don’t know how to type into Yahoo so haven’t been able to find a patch to cover it. Leaves me wondering what else is in there.

I know this an obscure one but any advice’d be great. Technology. Just gotta do what it tells us.

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