Dropping Science: A Tribute to The Shuttle Program

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLmxPXV3kLk&w=560&h=349]


There was only ever one video that I was going to post up for this week’s DS.  Next Wednesday the Space Shuttle Atlantis will return from its 12 day mission and in so doing, mark the end of the shuttle program. The craft that has become such a global icon of innovation and progress will slip graciously into the history books, never to fly again.

As somebody who has lived his whole life in the shadow of the shuttle’s latter days – be they both triumphant and tragic, seeing the whole thing come to an end instils mixed emotions. Sadness at seeing something that has been so prevalent in my upbringing going away, but excitement over what comes next.

Whatever your feelings on the shuttle it is undeniable that it has played a huge role in the evolution of space travel. We should never forget the politicians that  fought for it, the engineers that built it and most importantly the men and women who risked (and in some cases gave) their lives in the pursuit of the final frontier.

Godspeed Atlantis.


( The rather excellent video is by  please do check out the rest of their fine work)

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