Dropping Science: Inside a Formula 1 Car

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Wn1EFLa2C8&w=853&h=480]


It’s the European Grand Prix tomorrow and so it seemed like a good time to dig out this video from a month or so back. The Sauber F1 Team certainly know how to make a fast racing car. So far in the 2012 season they’ve landed 2 podiums and are comfortably leading the midfield portion of the constructor’s championship (depending on whether you consider Mercedes to be mid field or not). All of this is perhaps made even more amazing by the fact that they’ve spent the past 2 years chainsawing one of their cars in half for the entertainment of the public.

The result is a fascinating look at the inner workings of one of the most technically advanced vehicles on Earth. From the insanely uncomfortable driver position to a system for making fuel sit still, this video is a lovely insight into why F1 is the king of nerd sports.



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