Dropping Science: We Stopped Dreaming

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFO2usVjfQc&w=853&h=480]


Physicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson returns with another stirring piece of rhetoric about the importance of scientific research. In this video, Neil looks at the global initiatives that occurred in the wake of the 1969 Moon landings and argues that it is the unique vision of a planet without borders that drives us forwards.

Inspiring stuff.



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  • Steve Penfold June 17, 2012  

    Have to disagree with this one a little bit. It’s from a worryingly Yankeecentrc perspective in conclusion given the reference to no borders. He appears to be talking about the slow down in direct American Space exploration. But, okay, NASA isn’t launching people out into space on an annual basis but exploration has become deeper, more imaginative and far more open minded with funding and research going towards unmanned investigation of our Solar System and the SETI institute’s search for habitable planets out there. They are the definition of forward thinking, aspirational space exploration with real implications for far distant future generations. While Neil Degrasse Tyson has been the spokesperson for Space exploration, in this case I think he’s a voice attached to a limited idea. Everyone’s expecting him to be profound and all knowing every time they talk to him. I feel sorry for him, he no doubt feels the need to punch out biblical sound bites every time he does a speech. This time – it seems a little off piste to me.

  • Steve Penfold June 17, 2012  

    Sorry for going unusually Ravitz!! Hope they get out there soon but I don’t mind if it’s European, Chinese, Russian, American or Thai. The important thing is that they’ll know where they’re going.

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