BTB Film – Give Us A Hand

Very very silly this week. We’ve been plundering my old archives for a while now, so the curly haired one and I thought it was high time that we pulled something from his past. This is a very young Steve showing off his presenting skills in the somewhat lesser seen show ‘Give Us A Hand’ filmed as part of his university course back in the year 2000. It proves three thing about Steve Penfold:

  1. He can’t cook for shit
  2. He taught Guy Richie everything he knows about writing scripts
  3. It’s a crime that he never presented Live and Kicking

Laughing aside, this vid is actually a really nice early look at the video production skills of Mr George Featherby, he’s a friend of the Bunker and a very very talented man. He at least has the sense to stay behind the camera…something the two of us really should learn.


(I really miss that shirt I’ve got on in the title sequence.)


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