BTB Film – Naked Net

“A fun one this. 2 days in London with George Featherby to complete 15 minutes of VT for Naked Net, a live programme for C6, Bournemouth Uni’s TV station. Never meant for public consumption this was a practice run for us to utilise technology that wasn’t in regular use yet. New code for the time had to be written in order to achieve some of the shots, the most difficult being the electric dot bouncing around underneath the pier because of the movement of the camera across multiple axis’ and the bouncing ball itself but the effect turned out pretty well. Set in world in which widespread internet porn was some years away and some people still saw the Millenium Dome as an important cultural centre piece. Heady days.”

– Steve

I love watching old stuff that Steve made before I was around. It has all the funny of the things we make now, but without the painful memories of sitting out in the cold for hours waiting for a passing helicopter to go away so we can get the shot we want.


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