Friday Film: The Day The Moon Got Too Close

Every Friday we descend into the vaults here at Bunker HQ and dig out one of the many fine (and occasionally not so fine) films that we have produced over the years. Come join us for another instalment of cinematic silliness.

We have a fair few old film projects to get through over the next few weeks, so I thought it made sense to start with the one responsible for this whole daft endeavour. This is the origin of our beloved Moon. A 90 second film, produced several years ago for some Motorolla competition. The brief was to make a film based on the tagline “The Day The Moon Got Too Close” and after a quick brain storming session with Paul, the cop with a Moon for a head was thrust upon the world. The guy playing this early version of Shades is a buddy of ours from a band called Silvers who are rather wonderful. Apologies for the image quality, it was uploaded back in the days when youtube only liked very small files, there’s a better quality one over on the (infuriatingly hard to embed) vimeo page if you prefer.

It is now my birthday and there is fudge to consume.


-edit- Steve worked out Vimeo embedding so I’ve replaced the Youtube link for the vimeo one. If you’re particularly fond of Youtube then you can find that version of the vid here.

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