Happy Birthday Beyond the Bunker!! The Best of Moon!

Beyondthebunker.com is officially 1 today. On 19th September 2010, Beyond the Bunker was officially launched online. On its first day it had 1 hit. Yesterday it had 297. Myself and Dan Thompson have rode (not really navigated) the good ship Bunker through treachorous waters and seas of indifference to steadily, hopefully supply you all with a bit of a laugh. What, what. In that time we have attempted to present material that we thought you’d all like. But there’s a heart to Beyond the Bunker and that is Moon. Here, below, are the ol’ satellite head’s best bits.


Moon and Shades Rodriguez take it to the streets of Shoreditch in this draft of the characters as they’d appear in the comic world.

Beyond the Bunker was effectively launched to showcase Moon 1, and Moon 1 had to exist in order for that to take place. And so work began on the first ever issue of Moon. A bit of a labour of love, above is the first page from that completed with the help of the lovely Ivanna Matilla, who joined us in October 2010 and has revolutionised the look of the whole thing. We love Iv.

Ray and Moon taking reviewing their latest case

On March 26 2011, Moon 1 was launched at the Square Pig in Holborn. It turned out to be an amazing night, with Paul Sweeney and Coldcallers providing musical comedy stylings and Skyskratcher and Dukes of Marmalade offering up musical genius. A non-stop night, even with complaints from the neighbours and a freindly explanation from the Square Pig that they could never have us back, everyone had a good time and Moon was given the launch he deserved.

Moon heads out to the North Pole to fend off an infestation of Nazi alien Stormtroopers obviously, aided by the Cca Cola coloured deity of the land in question. Can he stop the corruption of Christmas and save Santa? No. No, he can’t. No one is getting Christmas presents any more. No, wait, memo, he might be able to… A concept design just to say Merry Christmas to our readers, all 3 of them by Christmas 2010 I believe – this post was viewed 10 times.

A follow up to the Moon and Santa Vs Space Nazis concept, this is our Valentine’s cover. We hope to bring you more this year but no promises because we’re too busy trying to get the real thing out.

Following a very successful first run, selling out completely of our first editions thanks to the event and you folk’s incredible enthusiasm for the orb face, the second print of 1000 copies was completed 2 months ago. More compact (perhaps sexier) than its predecessor you can still order a copy at the BTB Shop!! Get yours now! We’ll send it to your very door!!

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