Every new beginning

Evening chaps,

Welcome to Beyondthebunker.com, a rather lovely little blog site, dedicated to keeping you up to date with the work of myself and Mr Steve Penfold. I’m sure I could write a lengthy intro about who we are and what we do but for now and for the sake of brevity, I shall just give you the facts:

  • Beyond The Bunker is a company that produces comic books, films and web content. Essentially, I write things and Steve draws/films them. Steve dreams of one day writing his own stuff, while I dream of being a mermaid with rockets instead of fins. We’re dreamers.
  • We rather enjoy the things we have produced so far and hope that you will as well (Steve will no doubt have a slightly more hyperbolic way of phrasing this)
  • This site is updated twice a week so you should check in often.
  • Toasted teacakes are fucking awesome.

So that’s us. We’re very pleased to meet you and we think your hair looks lovely that way (regardless of what everyone else says). Now that the awkward introductions are over with, we shall get on with filling this site with lots of lovely content for your eyeballs to consume at their leisure.

And just like that, we’re underway!


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