Incredible Photos of American Ghost Ships

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I stumbled upon this article the other day and thought it was too cool to not share. For decades scores of ships have been slowly decomposing in a Suisun Bay, north of San Francisco. These ghost ships, officially called The National Defense Reserve Fleet (NDRF) but more commonly called The Mothball Fleet, were supposed to be kept on standby in case of a national emergency, however the emergency never happened and the ships have long since fallen into ruin.

Over the last two years, a team of guerilla (or perhaps ‘pirate’) photographers led by a man named Scott Haefner have been sneaking aboard these ships in order to document this fascinating site before it vanishes forever. Risking prosecution, as well as the other things one risks when running around giant rusting ghost ships, they have conducted several clandestine missions to the fleet in order to bring back these amazing images.

The Fleet is due to be broken up once and for all over the next few years but thanks to the work of Haefner and his team, we still have a chance to experience these haunting images.

For a full gallery of the photos as well as the fascinating story of how the team infiltrated the ships in the first place, HAVE A LOOK AT THEIR WEBSITE.

Finally, here’s a google map so you can have a closer look from above of this rather spooky landmark.


Ghost ships are cool.


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