Moon’s Song of the Week: The Fox by Niki & The Dove

It’s probably all the cold weather we’ve been having but this week Moon has mostly been kicking back to the sound of Swedish alt-pop. Specifically he’s been digging the Swedish alt-pop of Niki & The Dove.

Like a lot of music from that part of the world, Niki & The Dove’s excellent single “The Fox” combines wonderfully imaginative and complex beats with powerful, soaring vocals. It also happens to come equipped with one of the coolest music videos that you’ll have seen in a while courtesy of the animators at WINTR. There are obvious comparisons to be made with the likes of Björk, but the duo have their own sound and are well worth checking out even if you’re not in to the pint sized Icelander.

You can download the song for free here.


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