Mystery Colourist: The applicants

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you – the colourists. Those assembled here were the respondents to our request to find a colourist using an ad via our colourist for Fallen Heroes. Included here are some of the most talented unsigned colourists the world has to offer. Its quite a thing when you are presented by such a massive group of talented and enthusiastic individuals – particularly when you realise they come from almost literally every corner of the world. However, from this bunch we have chosen and the colour work of our colourist for Moon and the colourist for Fallen Heroes are both visible in this set. Please take a good long look at the exceptional work available here and if you want to see more head over to my deviantart page ( and click on the links in my journal showcasing these same guys to be transported to their specific galleries on DA. Every one of them is worth a look. Our colourist for Moon (and Fallen Heroes) will be revealed next week.


Cheers. Steve P.

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