Panda Cheese – Why You Should Never Say No to Panda!


Ryan from Cold Callers┬ásent me this link today. I’m guessing that it’s either payment or punishment for my helping him learn how to run a D&D game. He ran his first session the other night and his initial reactions seem to be a mixture of joy at being able to create an intricate world filled with interesting characters and engaging plots and horror at having to sit and watch his players methodically crap all over said plots in a quest to bang hot bar-wenches. I can’t help but feel that he’s managed to experience the full emotional spectrum of a DM in a single game.

Anyway, I freakin love Pandas, I freakin love mental adverts in other languages and I especially love it when these things collide with violent results.

Now, when they say Panda Cheese, you don’t think they actually mean…never mind.


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