Coming in on a Stranger Tide – Pirates of the Caribbean 4


Okay – I’m the first to admit this is getting out of hand following the Thor and Arkham Asylum trailers this week but it turns out Disney and Bruckheimer want a sniff at the Christmas pie by previewing their wares on the run up to Christmas with this little number: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

A lot points towards a return to form with Bloom and Knightley out of the picture, allowing this picture to be nicely populated with cutthroats, villains and curs. The old favourites Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa are present and correct and the title suggests that this episode is based on Tim Power’s cracking swashbuckling fantasy novel ‘On Stranger Tides’ much like its previous incarnation ‘Curse of the Black Pearl’ was enhanced by a resurrected script from Lucasarts epically ludicrous ‘Secret of Monkey Island’. Throw in a sultry foil / love interest in the form of a very unexpected movie star and Ian McShane of Deadwood fame chewing on the quarterdeck as Black Beard and I’d say this looks like a return to form worth looking forward to.

‘Load up the yardarm lads – there be a rebooting franchise returning to form on the Horizon.’

Research by Lee Ravitz.

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  • marcsart December 22, 2010  

    After the last movie I figured I was done with this series, but this new movie looks good.

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