Superman Renounces US Citizenship, Communists Win. Apparently.

Action Comics #900 dropped yesterday and with it came a short story in which Superman renounces his US citizenship. I tend not to post up stuff like this because I tend not to buy into the hype of big moments like this, however I have discovered a real love for reading people’s reactions about these stories. Without further ado, I present a selection of comments from Fox News‘ reporting of the story.

“Until I see Superman’s long form birth certificate, I’ll never believe he was an American to begin with.”
“this is part of a continuing assault on our children.”
“Good Riddance I am sure his Kansas parents were Alkita anyway, and Choi supports back in the 60’s it’s only logical SM wants to spread the “Visions from his father,” and create a new world order. I hear Sorrose is sponsoring him for French citizenship.”
“These commie-bastards taking over everything”
“Just another example of how the leftist media is trying to infiltrate our children’s minds with their communistic filth.”
“I like Hancock better, anyhow”

I know, I know. No good can come of swimming in the toxic slime of news site comment boards, but it did give me a giggle. I never cease to be amazed by people’s ability to be offended by relatively  meaningless stuff. Still, if you think this story is controversial, just wait for the ret-con! 😉

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