The Best of 2 Days Laughter 2011 Part 2

Morning chaps,

Assuming that Steve and I haven’t been killed by Mark Millar in the 30something hours between when I’m writing this and when it’ll go live, we’re still at Kapow Comic Con signing copies of Moon. To keep you happy though, here’s part 2 of our picks from this year’s 2 Days Laughter Festival.


The Call by Rob Reed & Aidan Synnott. One of the nicest ideas that I’ve seen at the competition. Simple joke, beautifully executed.


Brainstorming by Martin Banov. The old “make a film about making a film” setup comes up every year at the competition but this is about the best I’ve seen it executed. I do like me a bit of existential egg based comedy though.

Brenda by Mark Bowsher. Mark’s an old friend of mine and it was lovely to see him walk away with some of the top awards namely “Best Film” “Best Actress” & “Best Screenwriter”. It’s a wonderfully performed mockumentary that hits every note it goes for. Wonderful stuff.

Hope you had a laugh with these. Steve and I will be back next week with updates on our adventures at Kapow, but until then do take care.


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