The Golden Age of Video – Incredible Mashup

I’m away on my honeymoon right now but in order to not shirk my Bunkerly duties, I’ve queued up 10 awesome vids for you dear people. Enjoy!


This has been one of my favourite youtube clips ever since I came across it on the excellent Best of Youtube podcast and I’m actually kinda surprised that I’ve not posted it before. It’s a wonderful music video made up of clips from tonnes of classic movies and TV shows and is as finer a piece of editing and remixing as you’re likely to see. It’s by a chap called Ricardo Autobahn and you should check out the rest of his work on the strength of his name alone.

I just dare you to try and name every film shown here.


(Assuming I’ve not been eaten by a bear, I should be on my way home from Canada tomorrow. Given the length of the flight and inevitable jet lag, it may be a couple of days before real me is back on here, but as soon as I’m rested we’ll be back to business as usual. I hope you enjoyed the break as much as I did…probably).

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