The Many Faces of Moon

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It’s a well known adage that there is no such thing as a truly original story and that all we do is find new ways of expressing old ideas. With that in mind I thought I’d spend a bit of time cruising Google for examples of other people who have, at some point in history, told the tale of a man with a Moon for a head. I tell you now, it was 10 mins well spent. 😉

The Classic Moon

Those of you of the more literary persuasion will already be familiar  with Enid Blyton’s 1939 Children’s classic “The Faraway Tree“. You may also be aware that the book features a character named Moon-face who has a big round face and owns a house filled entirely with round furniture (and you thought OUR book was mental). What you may not have been aware of is that there exists an entire subset of people who refuse to read Faraway Tree because they find Moon-Face to quite indescribably creepy. Having discovered this picture, I’m somewhat included to agree with them. It’s not so much that he has a Moon for a head, it’s that he appears to have a normal head which has been horrifically inflated in some kind of dreadful chemical accident…and that he’s stealing children…in his pajamas.

The Wrong Moon

Credit for this and the next few images goes to Stupid Comics who are involved in the extremely noble field of “finding examples of how old comics are insane”. If I ever manage to write a line so inspired as “I have no mouth to talk and explain that I’m just an ordinary human with the WRONG HEAD!” then I will be able to retire a happy man. It’s also the best example of a letterer screwing up that I’ve seen, I know that scripts can sometimes be unclear but I’m pretty sure the guy by the billboard is perfectly happy with the state of his head…comparatively so at least.

The Mega-Moon

This is another one from Stupid Comics, the similarities here are frankly terrifying. In this version of the book however Moon appears to spend less time saving people from international terrorism and more time staggering around making stuff wet. But then it was the 50s. People did stuff like that in the 50s. Even Moon.

El McMoon


It seems that during the late 80s Moon lost all of his principles, dressed up like Shades Rodriguez and started plugging Big Macs in Mexico. Ok, so there is an English version of this advert but for some reason it’s infinitely funnier in Spanish. The really odd thing is that in the original version of the advert the character is orbiting the earth looking down on the new 24 hour McDonalds (which makes about as much sense as a swing playing astral body can do) however in this version Moon is simply dancing around on a massive burger. God bless Mexicans.

So it’s nice to know that we are a part of a long and noble literary tradition. Long may the Moon-fic genre endure!


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