The roots of great art: Moon 1, Page 1 in black and white

The grand plan was to post up B&W versions of the preview pages of Moon before the colours to show how the project was progressing. However, because we are effectively Monkeys with guns ( or I am at least) when operating this blog (or were – we are now geniuses at it) it came about that the scheduled colour pages appeared (by accident) beforehand. So rather than short change you we opted to bring the Black and Whites back.

First up Moon 1, page 1!! You’ll see that the title is Moon: Rise. We changed this in the final book because the title was on the facing page as well so Dan felt it was a little over the top. After a brief argument in which I couldn’t be bothered and thought it was fine – I capitulated and the page has been changed. True story. Tell your friends….

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