Under The Influence

Heya chaps

We’ve got a new feature coming up here at the Bunker over the next few months. A number of people have shown some interest in our influences over the last couple of weeks so I decided to collect together some of the things that inspire the work we do here and present them for your enjoyment. Television, Film, Games, it’s all fair game here on Under The Influence and with any luck you shall be pleasantly surprised by some of the things that crop up. We’ll be kicking off on Saturday with the show that is arguably the inspiration behind the creation of Moon so be sure to check in and join the fun.

This is also a good time to point you towards The Practitioners – our collection of articles on some of the great masters of comics and film.  there are some VERY exciting articles on the horizon in that department so stop reading this rubbish and go there NOW!

Two capitalised words in one sentence? I am getting the hang of this self promotion thing! 😉


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