Why Buy Moon?

Moon 1 is now available to buy from this site (click here). It is the first part of many more Moons to come. Your copy will be individually numbered and marked as a first edition pushing the value of the book up should great things take place in Moon’s future. It’s the first book from Beyond the Bunker; of which there are already more in the pipe line. Its the first published work for Dan Thompson and Steve Penfold (excluding Steve’s Fallen Heroes work (ahem)). Its the summation of 2 years hard graft. You would be supporting the British comic industry – something both myself and Dan are very proud of – though we do accept cheques in dollars – and kick starting a newby independent comics company that hopes to represent the sharp end of indy (and small press) comic books. Its high quality (printed by our mates at UKomics) and its kick ass wicked. Those are the reasons I can think of for buying Moon 1.

Aside from all that – its the tale of the Moon arriving on earth to defend the British isles, but discovering, due to a botched, drunken Celtic ceremony that he is cursed to walk the earth with a Moon for a head. Working his way up through history without eating, drinking, talking or emoting facially Moon now walks the streets of 21st Century facing threats the usual constabulary are ill-equipped to deal with! At night he returns to his place in the sky – defying laws of physics and basic astronomy before returning back in the morning to tackle the amassing hordes of weird. A comedy, a buddy cop tale, a gripping insight into what the Moon does when he’s not in the sky. Don’t look to the sky, look to the streets. Its Moon!!
… and if that weren’t enough check out the pages in preview here on Monday…

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