May 2011

MCM In Pictures

Evening chaps,

Thanks again to everybody who came and supported BTB at the MCM convention this week. I’ve run the final numbers and it looks like we had a record show for sales of Moon! By way of thanks I thought I’d share some of the photos we managed to grab over the weekend, including one of a certain Watchmen artist.

The Excel Centre (the pointy white bits) as seen from outside my flat. I was tempted to walk to the show...but I'd have drowned.


Comic Village 2 hours before the doors opened on Friday.

The hordes await.

It's hard to describe just how many people attend MCM. This is just a small sample. It's overwhelming in a really good way.

Robots love Comics too!

I think pretty much everyone took a photo of this sign over the weekend. Awesome stuff.

Dave Gibbons picks up his Lifetime Achievement Award at the Eagle Awards.

Sunday night. All done and dusted.

MCM by night.

Well that’s the lot. Hope you enjoyed our little behind the scenes look. Guess it’s time to start prepping for the next one now!


Welcome to Beyond The Bunker

Morning chaps,

We’ve just gotten back from three days of madness at the MCM Expo in London. I’ll write up a full report in the next few days but I wanted to take a chance to say hi to all the people who bought a copy of Moon #1 and are checking out the site for the first time.

I’m Dan, I wrote Moon. You can find my bio HERE!

Steve drew Moon and Fallen Heroes. You can read all about him HERE!

If you want to find out what the Moon comic is all about you can find up to date news HERE and a trailer/blurb HERE!

If you want to mail order a copy of the book then you can do so HERE!

If you want info on our sister title Fallen Heroes then you can find up to date info HERE!

You might have noticed that we make films as well. You can find all of them on the menu at the top or by clicking HERE!

We try to update the site almost every day so we have a whole bumload of other features and articles for when we don’t have any Moon or FH news to tell you about. Here’s a few of them that you might want to check out:

THE PRACTITIONERS is a weekly blog by Steve which looks back over the careers of some of the most influential people in the comics industry. There are over 30 articles on there already so you’ve got plenty of reading to do. There will be a test at the end. I’d suggest using the menu at the top to navigate them so it doesn’t become too overwhelming!

THE EXTRAORDINARY ADVENTURES OF MONSIEUR POPPALEUX is a weekly clipart webcomic which is honestly not written by me (honest) but rather by the famous 90’s children’s author and cat strangler, Dr Jean-François Bacharach. It’s about a maladjusted smiley face and a pie chart who lies.

On top of all this both STEVE and MYSELF both have blogs here and we often write articles about COMICS, FILMS and GAMES.

Finally, if you are so inclined you can also follow ME, STEVE and BEYOND THE BUNKER on twitter.

Phew! What a lot of links. Well that should give you plenty of stuff to keep you busy for a while. Please pop us on your bookmarks bar and check in every day to see what’s new and be sure to drop us a message and let us know what you think of the book and the site. You guys really are the backbone of this whole endeavour and it’s honestly very humbling to see how much interest you all take in what we do.

Welcome to Beyond The Bunker.







Super Nintendo Dr Who Intro


Ah, Dan and Steve are at a convention, that must mean it’s a time for a silly video and a reminder about twitter! Youtuber DoctorOctoroc has created this fine remake of the 11th Doctor’s opening credits using sound clips taken from old SNES games. Welcome aboard the nostalgia bus, my friends.

If you want to keep up on all the happenings at MCM then follow @danthompson2099 on twitter.


Dropping Science: Student Challenges The Physics Of My Little Pony


I thought we’d take a break from time lapse videos this week and take some time to examine the scientific properties of magical sky ponies. Physics student, Stephen Magnet produced this short presentation for his class in which he examines the physics of My Little Pony. As a man who once conducted presentations entitled “The Lion King as a Revenge Tragedy” and “Rolf Harris: Last of The Great Contemporary Masters”  I have all the time in the world for stuff like this.

Short summery of the video: Ponies do not care for science.


The Extraordinary Tales of Monsieur Poppaleux #14 – Life In The Wartime

In 1993, famous author and spring onion connoisseur, Dr Jean-François Bacharach created a series of books for children. The aim of the project was to use state of the art digital technology to educate and inform on a wide range of topics from maths and theology to poetry and tennis. Using pioneering clip-art techniques, he produced a staggering portfolio of work that continues to be widely distributed in schools across the world and Belgium. Sadly DrBacharach himself was eventually imprisoned due to his being ahead of his time and because he killed a quite staggering number of cats. However his work lives on here at the Bunker! We have secured the entirety of Dr Bacharach’s monumental work and now present it to you. C’est formidable!


Pretentious Instagram Photos Get A Facelift

Morning dudes,

Anyone who follows Steve or I on twitter will know that we (well I mostly) are totally devoted to Instagram. If you’ve not come across it before, Instagram is basically twitter for photographs: you snap stuff, stick a filter on it and post it for your followers to see. The site has exploded since launching seven months ago and now boasts 4.25 million users. It has however become somewhat infamous for the number of over filtered (dare I say ‘pretentious’) shots that crop up on there. Well, as is the way with such things, it was only a matter of time before the internet decided to take action. Starting on tumblr  a trend has emerged in the last few months of taking said photos and amending them slightly with the aid of a bit of red text. Enjoy:

I’ll never filter with a clear conscience again,


Chewbacca Performs Welcome To The Jungle


Ok, you have nobody to blame but yourself for what you’re about to see. You didn’t have to click this link, you didn’t have to be drawn in by the promise of a Wookiee, an Ewok, 2 Jawas and a Cantina Band rocking out to Guns n’ Roses in front of a crowd of screaming fans. But you did and now we’ll all have to live with it.

Filmed at Disney’s Star Wars Weekend this month, this film proves that Wookiees are just likely to rock your face off as pull your arms off. The Ewok Slash alone has made my week.


5 Reasons To Come To The 2011 MCM Expo

Afternoon all,

Some of you might have spotted that there should have been a Moon related post going up today. Well, we were hoping to bring you some preview art for Moon #2 but sadly Steve has been struck down with a rather nasty bug and is confined to quarters. In place of that I thought I’d take the chance to give you a few good reasons why any self respecting Bunker fan should get their butts down to the MCM Expo at the London ExCel Center this coming weekend.

1 – Moon First Editions and New Covers

The Moon Second Edition variant cover will be officially launching at MCM. It features modified artwork by Steve which looks frankly wonderful. If you want to know how Steve went about doing it then come drop by the table and he’ll be happy to talk you through the design process.

For true collectors, we’ll also be bringing a small number of First Edition copies as well. These come ready bagged & boarded and are the perfect collector’s item for any true fan of lunar justice.

It’s not all comics though. We’ve also got several copies of the Beyond The Bunker DVD, collecting six of our best short films (including “Cock”) and loads of sweet badges to help you publically proclaim your love of Moon.

As always, we’ll be happy to sign anything you buy at no extra cost.

2 – Fallen Heroes

After all of the interest that people have shown at the last few cons, we’ve had a chat with Barry Nugent and are delighted to confirm that we will be able to offer a limited number of copies of Fallen Heroes #1. FH is the comic book adaptation of Barry’s bestselling novel and has been drawing praise from every corner of the world since launching earlier this year. Steve was the artist on the book so feel free to demand a signature from him so that you can flog it on ebay treasure it forever.

A word of warning, FH has sold out at almost every convention it’s appeared at so if you want a copy then you might want to get down early.

3 – Oxicomics Digital Comic Revolution

Oxicomics is a company that we’re going to be talking about a whole lot over the coming weeks. With the impending launch of their new app, Oxi are all set to do for indy comics what Comixology has done for mainstream books. If you like digital comics then you’re going to be blown away by some of the stuff that they have in the works.

The Oxi guys themselves can’t be at MCM as they’ll be busy at the app’s official launch in Oslo however they’re sending over a load of info on the project for us to show off. If you’re curious about it all then drop by the BTB stand and we’ll be happy to give you the info.

4 – Our New Comics!

Steve and I have no fewer than FOUR new comic books coming out later this year. In addition to Moon #2 and Fallen Heroes #2 we’re also heavily involved in the Tales of the Fallen project. We’ll be revealing more about these books over the next few weeks but if you want a few cheeky details then drop by the stand and we’ll try to answer as many questions as we’re allowed to by the powers that be.

5 – A Very Special Guest!

We don’t want to get you too excited but there is an outside chance that there may be a surprise guest appearance from somebody very close to all of our hearts. I couldn’t possibly say who that could be but if you’re a fan of the comic then you’re not going to want to miss this.

Ray and Moon taking reviewing their latest case

Of course there are about a thousand other reasons to drop by MCM this week including an appearance by Warren Ellis, the 2011 Eagle Awards and a chance to get a first look at all of this year’s biggest films, games and comics. In light of the competition from Kapow, MCM has sworn to up their game even more this year so if ever there was a comic con to check out, this is the one.

Look out for this stand while you're at MCM and be rewarded with sweet Moon merch!

You can find full details and order tickets over at the MCM website. We look forwards to seeing you there.


Green Lantern Trailer #3


The quest to halt the Marvel studios Juggernaut continues apace as a new Green Lantern trailer drops. This one has the unenviable task of explaining the backstory of the Green Lantern Corps to non-comic book readers and in that it succeeds fairly well. To be honest it’s always gonna be tough to explain the inherent evil of the colour yellow without sounding a little odd.

It’s still a long way from my must see list, but my interest is gradually growing. Time shall tell.


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