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Welcome to the Beyond the Bunker. This is the site that reveals how poorly the rest of the internet has been underused. This is where you shall discover incredible tales of weirdy-woo and all you’ve known twisted into something new and unexpected. This is where you can read online specific material and buy all the really good stuff! Comics, activity books, children’s books, prints, posters, T-Shirts – even an area to commission the artists available here! Woo hoo!

Moon is the story of the Moon. Not A Moon. The Moon. He drops out of the sky early hours of every morning, puts on a suit, takes out a gun and fights ridiculous crime. He has been doing this now for 2000 years, ever since a botched drunken Celtic ceremony in 12ad. He was supposed to be a beautiful blue, moon goddess who could sweep whole armies into the sea, but they botched it up and we ended up with a man with a Moon for a head.

He has no mouth with which to speak, no face with which to emote, if you put a coke float in front of him he will drink it, but no one’s entirely sure how. He’s a surprisingly good shot, has 2000 years of backstory and is teamed up with a homicidal traffic warden by the name of Shades Rodriguez, who pretends he is from Chicago when secretly we suspect is actually from Sheffield.

The Last Word Trilogy.
Let’s be frank. Zombies are dead. But what about Zombies vs Vikings? Zombie Militia in Central London? Zombies in Space. Exactly. This is the last word on Zombies. Beginning and end. Ragnarok Dawn, Bunker 51 and Hunting Goldilocks coming soon.

Moon Colouring and Activity Book

We think colouring and activity books are silly. But we think Moon and Shades Rodriguez are silly. So, here is the Moon and Shades Rodriguez colouring and activity book. You can pretend you don’t want it but we know you do.

Welcome to the PRINT ZONE
Maybe you’d care for an X-Moon such as Wolveroon or Stoom, an Amoonger like Captain Amoonica or Thoon or a member of the Justice League of Amoonica such as the Floosh or the Martian Moonhunter. As a poster of all of them? Yes. Got a favourite – grab a little print all to yourself. FANTASTIC BUNDLE DEALS, a less worthy website would shout but they’d be right.

What man needs is T-shirt. Lady too. So, imagine, when we discovered we could make T-shirts about your favourite characters! I know! Available to buy for delivery anywhere in the big EU r of Ope.

I don’t know what else to say about it.

Well, it’s what they sound like. If you don’t know what a review is it’s probably not for you.