Before Beyond the Bunker became a stand alone company, artist Steve Penfold teamed up with writer Cy Dethan, colourist Gat Melvyn and letterer Nic Wilkinson to create the darkest chapter in the genre-cracking Unseen Shadows series. Based on the novels of Barry Nugent in which a band of disparate ‘Fallen Heroes’ are brought together from across the globe to fight an evil that threatens ultimately to consume all in it’s path. Many of the team are picked from the fringe of society. None more so than former Reverend Jonathan Bishop.

Bishop, as a result of unintentionally crossing a nefarious drug cartel leader, has walked the line between life and death and returned, a weapon of vengeance in the name of a God darker than any had imagined. His value noted by a shadowy paramilitary industrial complex, the talents of this lost man are utilised and enhanced to make him considerably more deadly. A master assassin with no master, Bishop has disappeared and lingers in the shadows, wiping out those who hurt others with the intensity of flame. Those who have seen him, speak in whispers in case he hears and finds them again.

But a violent faith driven by absolution (or the absence of it) draws interest from dangerous quarters. Bishop’s path crosses twisted religions, now playing with science nobody understands fully. But, perhaps worse, he is certainly not the only result of the project that enhanced him.

A four issue mini-series to be completed and released immediately as a graphic novel.

Written by Cy Dethan, Pencils / Inks by Steve Penfold, Colours by Gat Melvyn and lettering by Nic Wilkinson. Based on ‘Fallen Heroes’ written by Barry Nugent.