Steve’s Bio


Steve Penfold is an English artist specialising in Comic book, illustration, concept design and story boarding – all of which he has experience in. In comics, he has worked as Penciller, concept designer and inker on artwork on Caelum Priory (with Thomas Boosz) and Zookeeper (with co-founder Ben Morgan), for the original Beyond the Bunker, outside of Beyond the Bunker comics, Steve has been lead artist in Barry Nugent’s Unseen Shadows, pencilling and inking the central title, Fallen Heroes, an adaptation of Barry’s novel of the same name as well as pencilling and inking The Reverend: Wrath of God (written by Cy Dethan). But central to Beyond the Bunker and Steve’s work is Moon, a comedy title written by Dan Thompson and pencilled, inked, lettered and finished by Steve. It continues to sell at increasing rates, with Moon 2 coming very soon, something very much demanded by the ever-increasing fan base of the title.

Professionally as an artist – his clients have included Lucasarts, Weird and Wonderful, Darrin Grimwood (for Destroy All Robots), Andy Day (CBeebies), First Technicare, London Bridge Experience, Saatchi and Saatchi (Art Director) Production (Box) (with Dan), Codeye, Blackstone Films, Pink Pigeon and independent performers and creative projects.


Steve studied Television and Video Production BA at Bournemouth University and applies his experience to every project he involves himself in. Most valuably, Steve was taught that at any moment during Television or film you should be able to pause, print, frame and pin to the wall any moment and have a visually arresting image. He tries to apply this to all of his work. Steve has worked as storyboard artist and Director for BTB Films on Moon, Ragnarok Dawn (co-directed by Dan Thompson, who also wrote it), completed onscreen designs for Edd: Ducking the Past, as well as storyboarding for Codeye’s Make Panda’s Make Love… Not War (with Paul Sweeney). He has worked as Cameraman on BTB’s The Devil’s Fork. Having developed and completed one short film from start to finish once already, Steve has further projects he hopes to undertake in 2011.


Steve started Beyond the Bunker with Benjamin Morgan in 2005 but it didn’t work and he thinks he knows why so now he’s doing it with Dan Thompson in 2010 as a way of publishing comics that will appeal to idle readers as well as hardcore ones in equal measure through sheer storytelling brilliance. The first of these books is Moon, an action-packed comedy about a detective with a Moon for a head, which has built a considerable fanbase.

Steve writes a weekly article entitled The Practitioners which details the figures that have most impacted the progression of the comic book industry. Based on the popularity of the articles, Steve hopes to move on into writing the same articles about film and sci-fi Practitioners as it has proven to be an insightful and helpful experience personally. He also has plans for another weekly feature for 2012 but is only in the early stages of development.