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Dubstep Gun beats Pocketknife



If the awesome new Assassin’s Creed Revelations Trailer hasn’t sated your lust for heavy electronica fight scenes then you’re in luck. Corridor Digital dropped this amazing video last night, detailing the adventures of a team of high tech dub powered laser cops.

“The Drop Squad – an elite force infused with the power of heavy electronic beats. They posses lasers made out of dubstep! Some say they are a menace to society. Others say they are just misunderstood. The Drop Squad themselves think they’re a lot like Batman.”

The visuals are stunning, the music is brutal and the guy with the cigarette is my new hero. Give it a watch and remember to always speak softly and carry some phat beats…yes I just said “phat beats”.


Beyond Fan Film: Modern Warfare: Frozen Crossing (Part 2)

Part Two of last week’s mentally good Modern Warfare fan film. This is nothing short of truncated Hollywood and just shows what you can pull off with little or no money but a lot of contacts. The original cost $209.43. This was marginally more at $600 but is visibly in another location and looks like a million dollar blockbuster.

Sounds trite, but this is what I’ve been trying to communicate with films I’ve been directly involved in. It’s not always about pumping money and time in – it’s about identifying those with the skills and the equipment and present them with something interesting enough to make it worth their time. At our level there’s pretty much no other choice.

Well Beyond Fan Film: Modern Warfare: Frozen Crossing (Part One)

By Freddiew on Youtube this is an incredible fan film that’s clocked up more than 3 million hits (and with good reason). It’s an unofficial tribute to Call of Duty. High end across the board this is purist fan film. Its a shot in the arm to gents such as myself and Dan too as it was made for the sum total of $209.42. There’s a part two coming up next week.

For the super nerds, Spectre gets four kills but he has Hardline equipped. That’s why he can call in the Predator Missile. Duhhh.