Moon's Song of the Week: Tears To Cry by The Paul Hegley Band



Since starting Song of the Week I’ve been getting regular emails from people wondering if we can feature their band on our site. These emails are more often than not the kind of copy/paste “unique¬†opportunity¬†for your readers” rubbish that signals the fact that we’ve been added to yet another PR company’s mailing list. Every so often however, such as in the case of the guys from The Paul Hegley Band, the email is from genuine artists who are just trying to get their work out there.

That’s not to say that we feature every person we get a nice email from, but as it turns out I’m a sucker for the kind of moody, Dire Straits-esque guitar playing that Paul has going on in the opening of this track and I reckon it’s well worth a listen.

Tears to Cry comes out July 11th.