Just testing out some banners… more to come…

We here at Beyond want your perusing experience to be an easy one. With that in mind we’re developing up some more banners for you to punch as soon as you’ve figured out what you like best. They’ll be appearing here and there – mostly Moon stuff to highlight events regarding ol’ chalk face. These are testers. Let us know what you think.

More will appearing for Monsieur Poppaleux, Dropping Science etc, etc.

From The Creator of Monsieur Poppaleux – Evergreen

I was trawling through the metafictional archives this morning and stumbled upon what appears to be a lost comic by Monsieur Poppaleux creator, Dr Jean-François Bacharach. The dating of the piece would place it during Dr Bacharach’s lengthy tenure in prison following his string of brutal yet artistically valid cat  murders. The book, titled “Evergreen” is the tale of Jack Green, a rough hewn Pine Investigator, searching for redemption in a forest of sin. I shall keep a keen eye out to see if any other strips from this mysterious series appear.

Will I never be free of this blasted clip art?