Hugo Strange

Bat, Cat and back: Dark Knight Rises (Fake) Trailer Unleashed

Here it is. The Dark Knight Trailer for the new movie from the Christopher Nolan franchise. The Stanley Kubrick of blockbusters, Nolan has clearly pieced together a more coherent set of plot threads than previous Directors (Batman and Robin anyone) however this is a step up again from the Two Face / Joker combo of Dark Knight Returns. Catwoman, Bane and I suspect Robin Williams as Hugo Strange is blended in with the renegade storyline from the previous film and any personal plot line to throw in. However Selina Kyle makes up the love interest in this case and it looks like messrs Fox and Pennyworth (Freeman and Caine) are in their holding positions on this one. Nice to see the Scarecrow still representing a through line for the films. C’mon Nolan – this looks good….

…. or is it?

Holy Sequels Batman! Arkham City trailer hits the net!


It’s been a busy week for trailers here at the Bunker. This time around it’s the much anticipated sequel to the stunning Batman: Arkham Asylum and my goodness does it look good. The graphics in this pre-rendered sequence are quite mindblowing and the reveal of the game’s main villain may well leave your jaw on the carpet.

Please do watch, enjoy and comment away!