New York to Neo Tokyo: Wolverine and Iron Man Anime

It’s finally happened. Not since Transformers in the eighties has american ideas and Japanese animation been combined so effectively. If your a fanb of high end, break neck animation and… well… Iron Man and Wolverine, this a must. Show me the way to the Manga section.

The Inventory

For those of you who are thinking ‘these guys are clearly heavily equipped to produce the sort of incredible high end stuff they put out every week’. Think again!

We’re running on;

  • Four HB Staedtler pencils.
  • 1 standard metal sharpener.
  • 1 almost spent Daler Rowney kneadable Soft Putty Eraser (small).
  • Four A3 (297 x 420mm) Acid Free 130gsm Cartridge Paper pads.
  • A set 5 of Copic Multiliner pens 0.3 to 0.7 with 7 type B cartridges.
  • One T Square.
  • 100 WHSmith DVD-R Recordable DVDs (4.7 GB, 8x Speed, approx 128 mins)
  • 100 Verbatim Paper CD Sleeves
  • 1 PC (Built for Games)
  • 1 Mac Pro with 2 Disc Drives, 16GB RAM, 2 2.66 Xeon ‘Westmere’ 6 core processors (12 core), 1TB of Memory space, 1 Supermouse.
  • 1 Adobe Creative Suite 5 Masters Edition (all the Adobes), 1 broken copy of Final Cut Pro, 1 download of
  • 1 copy of Microsoft Word, 1 copy of Microsoft Excel.
  • 1 TB ‘Mybook’ External Hardrive and 1 160GB ‘My Passport’ external harddrive.
  • 1 Canon Lide 700f Flatbed A4 Scanner
  • 1 PD150 DV Camera
  • 1 Tripod 7ft (bubble spirit level)
  • 1 Wide Angle Lens, 1 Matte Box, 5 Lens Filters (insert into Matte Box), 1 Front mounting light, 1 Battery Pack for light (clips on belt).
  • 12 Sony Mini DV Digital Video Cassettes (60 min).

… so we’re basically running on nothing. Not even a directors chair. Tut.